watermelon seed oil

The Soothing Effects Of Watermelon Seed Oil

Natural oils have been continuously popular recently. You’ve probably heard, or even used yourself, of people using things like coconut oil and other types of natural oils in their beauty routine. Oils are something that can sound scary to use for some, especially if you struggle with excess oil in your skin. However, these natural oils are incredibly effective because they’re natural ingredients. Watermelon seed oil has been the latest natural oil to bring it’s natural powers to fruition. You may be thinking-watermelon seed oil? But yes, the soothing effects of watermelon seed oil are quite impressive.

Reduces Excess Oil Production
It may seem odd to hear that using an oil helps to reduce oil on your skin, but it’s true! Watermelon seed oil has been found to help control those that experience very oily skin. When applied to the skin, watermelon seed oil has been can help to actually dissolve the excess oil that’s on the skin’s surface. The key factor here is that it doesn’t dissolve all of the necessary oil, which is why it’s soothing and so beneficial to those with oily skin. Even when you have very oily skin, it’s important to realize that your skin does need some oil in order to retain moisture on the skin’s surface-watermelon seed oil helps to create more balance in the skin.

Adds Moisture
On the flip side, those that have skin conditions or irritations that cause their skin to become very dry can also benefit from the soothing effects of watermelon seed oil. Since this type of oil is natural, it’s gentle on the skin, which is important when you have a lot of dry irritation in the skin. Many users with psoriasis and eczema have noticed a soothing effect after applying watermelon seed oil to their skin. It provides the skin with a natural, gentle dose of moisture to help soothe skin in the places where it’s irritated.

Gentle + Detoxifying
Our skin is exposed to countless harmful factors on a daily basis. Between environmental toxins, dirt and oil our skin is really put through a lot! We’ve often discussed how important it is to cleanse your skin thoroughly at the end of the day to eliminate those harmful elements from your skin’s surface. As it turns out, watermelon seed oil is a powerful detoxifying oil for the skin. When used to cleanse the skin, watermelon seed oil helps to gently detox the skin from all of that ‘stuff’ that it was exposed to throughout the day. The key word is “gentle”. While there are a lot of different ways to detoxify the skin, using a detoxifying product that’s gentle on the skin’s surface is just as important as getting rid of all the harmful elements. Since it’s a natural oil, it allows you the soothing process of detoxifying that can be difficult to find.

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