The Truth About Over Exposed Skin

It’s no secret that the sun wreaks havoc on our skin. Many experts suggest that the sun is the main cause of premature aging in the skin. The past decade has consisted of more and more evidence pointing to the dangers of over exposed skin during the summer months. Hopefully you’ve gotten into the habit of protecting your skin from the sun during the harsh summer months. We thought it was time we get really real with you and discuss the truth about over exposed skin. We know it can seem as though over exposure to the sun may not be all THAT bad, but you may think twice after reading this…

The most common problem that arises after you’ve been over exposed to the sun is sunburn. We’re all pretty familiar with sunburn during the summer. But you may not be as informed as you think. The reason sunburn occurs in the skin when you’ve been over exposed to the sun is because the sun removes a lot of the natural moisture and hydration from the skin leaving you with skin that’s dehydrated and cells that have been damaged. The stress that’s put on the skin throughout this process often leads to inflammation in the skin’s surface as well.

In addition to sunburn being caused by over exposure to the sun, it’s also found to damage the elastin in the skin. If you’re not familiar, elastin is the element in our skin that provides us with youthful looking skin. When the elastin in our skin is damaged too often over time from over exposure to the sun, it begins to cause signs of aging to result. This is why so many experts stress the importance of protecting our skin from the sun to prevent premature aging.

Clearly, over exposure to the sun puts a significant amount of stress and damage on our skin. The key is to maintain as many healthy protection habits as possible to keep from suffering from this type of damage. If you’re serious about sun protection you’ll begin to implement healthy protection habits from the sun so that you’re not facing these over exposure struggles that are so common. Some of the best sun protection habits include never leaving the house without first applying SPF to your skin (ALL of your skin), reapplying SPF throughout the day as the benefits only last about 2-3 hours, and keeping your skin out of direct contact from the sun as much as possible.

Fortunately, there are a lot of incredible skin care products that help add further protection to your skin from the sun. Products like serums and lotions are formulated in ways that help provide a protective barrier on your skin from sun exposure. In addition, many of the skin care products available to us today provide ingredients that help to repair and replenish the skin after it’s been overexposed to the sun.

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