The Twenty Minute Morning Routine

Women applying makeup

If we’ve truly thought about how many mornings we’ve overslept or just felt like there has to be a quicker way to get ready…it would be a lot.  Let’s face it, it can be frustrating sometimes to feel like we ‘have’ to spend a ton of time in the morning to get ready and have that flawless look.  But there’s got to be a better way…a quicker way, right?  Well – yes!  We’ve discovered a few ways to trim down your morning routine to get you ready quicker, without sacrificing looking your best.

Make A Plan
If you’re looking to trim down the time you’re spending getting ready in the morning one of the first things you should do is get in the habit of picking out your outfit the night before.  Your parents probably made you do this growing up, but remember how much time and stress it saved?  So start incorporating it into your routine again, you’ll be surprised just how much time you actually save.  Similarly, make sure all your makeup and other beauty products are easy to reach in the morning so that you’re not wasting time digging around trying to find things as you try to get out the door.  Organize all your beauty and makeup products in a way that makes them visible and no-fuss.  In addition, showering at night can be a HUGE time saver for you in the morning and really trim down your morning routine.

Since you’ve showered at night, the morning is going to be all about prepping your hair and makeup.  Immediately upon waking up, turn on any heated hair styling tools you plan on using to get them warming up and then head over to wash your face and go through your skincare routine, after you apply your moisturizer take that time to start working on your hair to give it time to soak into your skin.  By this time your heated styling tools will be ready for use so you can get to styling your hair while your moisturizer soaks into your skin.  It’s all about finding ways to piggyback off of other steps to get you making the most out of your time in the morning.

Pick Your Focal Point
After you do your hair, it’s time to get started on your makeup.  When you’re looking to save time on your makeup routine it’s all about choosing what areas of your face you want to be the focal points.  For example, if you want to really trim down on time by doing minimal eye makeup opt for a bold lip color and go light on everything else.  Vice versa, if you want a bolder eye do a dramatic eyeliner look or eyeshadow and minimal on the other areas.  Choosing one focal point is going to help you trim down on your time and really work around that.

It’s TOTALLY possible to get ready in 20 minutes, it’s really just about having a little bit of a system and keeping your eye on the focal points. How do you work the twenty-minute morning routine?

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