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These Products are Good for Babies and Adults

Think baby products are ONLY for babies? Ok, so a lot of baby products really should only be used for babies. But truthfully there are a few products that adults can take from the baby aisle! Before you think we’ve lost it…baby products are formulated with very natural and gentle ingredients to accommodate baby’s soft skin. Well, babies aren’t the only ones who need products like that! These products are good for babies and adults…ok, ok we’ll tell you the products!

Baby Powder
Sure, we all know the intended use of baby powder but what if we told you that baby powder could take place of dry shampoo? What?! Yep, we said it. Just like dry shampoo, when applying a small amount of baby powder to the roots of your hair and brushing it through you can get those same results. Baby powder has been found to help soak up any oil/look of oil in the hair and give the hair a healthy boost of freshness when you don’t have time to take a shower (or if it’s not one of your hair washing days). How easy is that?!

Baby Oil
We already mentioned that baby products are formulated to be incredibly gentle, which can be a huge asset to our skin especially if you tend to be prone to irritation. As it turns out baby oil is a product that can be used for a few different steps in your beauty routine. It’s been found that baby oil is a great makeup removing product. Yes! You can use something as simple as baby oil to remove your makeup, gently and effortlessly. In addition to removing your makeup, baby oil can also be a great product to use if you’re struggling with a lot of dryness in your skin. The oil formula is really moisturizing and hydrating to the skin, but because of its incredibly gentle formula you don’t have to worry about any irritation being caused in the skin upon application. Talk about a versatile product, right?

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Baby Wipes
Didn’t think you would see this baby product on the list for adult use, did you? Again, because baby wipes are formulated in such a gentle way and typically consist of very natural, soothing ingredients they can be really handy in an adult beauty routine. Some people have found baby wipes to be a great product to use to get a quick cleanse on your skin. You know those times after you work out, or are outside for a while but don’t necessarily have the means/time to fully cleanse your skin? Baby wipes can help remove residue, dirt and oil from you skin without causing irritation. In addition to cleansing the skin, they can also be a great on the go product to remove your makeup with!

We’re willing to bet you didn’t think of using these baby specific products as an adult. But now you know! If you find that your skin gets irritated from these types of products, try swapping them out for the baby product versions to give you skin a nice soothing product.

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