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Tips For Choosing The Right Shapewear

Ahhh shapewear, it’s one of those areas of fashion that can be so intimidating for so many women.  There’s often a stigma around shapewear that it’s incredibly uncomfortable, or only celebrities wear it.  But we’re here to tell you – there’s NO shame in wearing shapewear.  In fact, shapewear can be a really great way to feel pretty fantastic in your clothes – especially for a special occasion.  Since there’s still a lot of fun winter events going on you may be contemplating adding some shapewear to your outfit.  If you’re new to the shapewear world, or you just feel like you’ve struggled to get it right we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for choosing the right shapewear.

Get YOUR Size
There’s a misconception with many women that to get the best results from shapewear you need to purchase the item in a size smaller than you really are.  But let us clear something up, you’re NOT going to be comfortable nor is it going to benefit you in any way, shape or form to purchase your shapewear in a smaller size.  Stick to your size when it comes to purchasing shapewear.  This will help you create that slimming effect, but you’re going to be able to breathe and move around comfortably still (bonus, right?).

Look at the Construction
When it comes to wearing shapewear, women have all different reasons for wanting to utilize it.  Look at the tag and what the product is made of to really get an idea as to what the particular garment is going to do for you and your shape.  Typically the higher the percentage of nylon, the more constricting it’s going to be.  If it’s something that’s very lightweight, it’s generally designed to slim/smooth specific areas of your body.  While something that has much more structure is designed to give you a much more altered body shape.  Look at the tags, read the materials and figure out what you’re really looking to accomplish with your shapewear to ensure that you’re getting an item that’s going to best cater to you.

Think About Your Body
In addition to looking at how the shapewear is made, you’re going to need to consider what it is you’re trying to slim/smooth in your body.  There are shapewear garments for pretty much every area of your body, so understanding your body and what areas you want to smooth or slim is essential.  Keep in mind that experts suggest that if you want to smooth your stomach/torso you’re going to get the best results with a high waisted garment, while if you want all over smoothing/toning you’re going to want to opt for a bodysuit option.

Keep Yourself Cool
The thing about shapewear, is you’re often adding an additional layer of clothing to your look – which can cause you to become pretty hot.  One way to minimize adding too many layers is to opt for tights that have built in shapewear, this works if you’re planning to wear tights anyways.  However, if you’re not planning to wear tights one other way to keep yourself cooler is to look for shapewear that has a cotton blend to the fabric to give you more breathability.

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