Tips For Managing Holiday Travel

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The holidays are right around the corner, and you’re probably getting ready to do some holiday traveling.  One of the downsides of the holidays is the stress that can come along with traveling.  We’re sharing some tips for managing holiday travel to hopefully help eliminate some of the stress associated with traveling this time of year.  We really believe it doesn’t have to be a stressful time of year, as long as you learn to manage your holiday travel with a few key things in mind.  You know we have you covered, even for your holiday travel – so let’s get started, shall we?

Pack Strategically
Listen, we all of a tendency of over packing.  It’s almost a natural thing for many of us.  But when it comes down to really managing holiday travel with less stress and overwhelm, work on packing as light as you can.  Think about packing your clothes with a capsule wardrobe mindset, where you’re able to wear multiple outfits with a few key pieces.  This is a great way to minimize what you pack.  In addition, if you have gifts that you’re bringing to your destination, many experts actually suggest shipping them ahead of you.  This will allow you to save space in your bags and not have to stress about the gifts you’re bringing.

Keep Your Cool
Here’s the thing, holiday travel can be busy, hectic and a bit stressful.  There are SO many people traveling during this time of year the crowds are bigger, the weather can cause delays (whether you’re flying or driving), and there are just overall more elements into the mix.  Knowing that all of these things are playing a role in holiday travel, we encourage you to just learn to take it in stride.  There’s not much you can do about the craziness that often occurs, but you can just take a deep breath and try to roll with the punches as much as you can.  Plan for the unexpected as much as you can, but remember that part of this time of year comes with a lot of other ‘stuff’ – enjoy the process!

Comparison Shop
If flying is going to be a part of your holiday travel, many travel experts suggest doing a lot of comparison shopping before making a final purchase.  Try inputting different days, checking different sites and companies, and even try different airports.  You may be surprised at the number of options as far as times, locations and prices are concerned.  Also, look into comparison sites, there are a lot of options online now which allows you to really do some valid comparison shopping.  If you’re able to be flexible on dates at all, there can be a major difference from one day to the next as far as flight options and price are concerned.  Naturally, during the holidays there are certain high peak travel days. If you can, do avoid them, because there will be less crowds and stress as you go about arriving/ departing from airports.

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