Trend Report: Bubble Nails

There are few beauty trends that come around that leave us scratching our heads (okay, there’s lots – to say any different would be a lie) but the bubble nail art trend that we are seeing more and more of this month is pretty far out. This trend actually got its beginnings about 5 years ago, but was only recently popularized thanks to social media and the internet in general. Bubble nail art can be seen on women around the globe –not only on those in the United States – and seems to be making huge waves across Europe even moreso than the Americas. In Asia, this is the biggest nail trend of the year.  Let’s take a look at what it is, and some more about the topic below.

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What Are Bubble Nails?
Bubble nails are acrylic fingernails which are modified by use of acrylic powder to shape or form a large orb center on the fingernail, which can be likened to a bubble, and is then brought to the tip of the nail and smoothed out. Once the nails are fully designed, they take on a 3D appearance, and are large and protrude from the fingernail and hand itself. These nails are then painted, or airbrushed, or deigned somehow with nail art paints. These types of nails are also being called hump nails on social media networks. Balls of acrylic powder are placed at the center of the fingernail. From there, the ball is built up in layers, and also smoothed out, to give the bulbous look it takes on before moving on to the next finger.

In 2009, the style was released in picture form in NAILS Magazine, in which they believed this style would be the next biggest thing to happen to nail art at the time. Though it did take a whole 6 years for the trend to come around, nonetheless, it has – and many women around the world adore the style, while many others are not interested in the least. In fact, the style has received more criticism than it has praise.

Many people seem to think this is something for young teen girls to do for fun, and some have even said that a person couldn’t be taken seriously with nails this large. Some people think they look obnoxious, while others simply believe they are hideous and very unattractive in their own regard.

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Many women are opting for having their bubble nails painted like pieces of candy, due to the shape, or adorned in a glittery, bright, summery polish style to change things up and keep it seasonal all at once.

Thanks to Instagram, mainly, this style has taken off – and now pretty much every girl or young woman has heard of the style. It’s quite a trend the world over.

We’re curious: have you heard of bubble nails? Would you try them? Do you think they look pretty, goofy, or downright hideous? We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts in the comment section below. Sound off!


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