Trends From the 80’s We Want Back

We prefer to remember the 1980s for all the cool things that the era gave us – stuff like Top Gun, Pac-Man and Star Wars and stars like Madonna. Yes, there are a few things about the 80s – things like those Mullets – that we would never want to come back in fashion, but there are a number of trends that would look cool even today! Lionesse examines the top trends from the 1980s that we want to come back.

Woman wearing a leather jacket and denim jeans

Denim and Leather Jackets
Though denim jackets have made a fairly large comeback, they aren’t big enough in our opinion. Denim jackets complement any outfit – and most of us had a trusty Lee denim jacket at the ready back in the day. Aside from that, leather jackets were the go-to item for any style, from punk rock to glam. Either of these two would be a fantastic addition to the coming fall collection for any designer – hint hint! We’re hoping some of our fave brands are listening.

Jelly Shoes
Jellies – the unforgettable plastic shoes of the 80’s. Where did they go? Life seemed so much simpler slipping your feet into a cool pair of jelly shoes and going on about our day. They were available in all colors, yet the clear nude toned jellies seemed to be the most popular, aside from blue. And the smell – remember the smell? Okay, so maybe the plastic smell wasn’t the greatest, but it sure does bring back some fabulous childhood memories for most of us.

Closeup of a woman wearing leg warmers

Leg Warmers
Leg warmers were so tubular back in the 80’s – we all wanted those gorgeous Jane Fonda legs! She rocked them like nobody’s business, and we would love to see them come back with a vengeance in all different colors, patterns, and knits. Leg warmers + leggings + an off the shoulder tee? Yes, please!

These super cool brightly colored watches were the ­accessory to have back in the 1980’s. If you were a really cool kid, you’d rock two at a time. Now with cell phones on the ready to check the time, watches aren’t nearly as popular anymore – but they sure did look cool. We’d love to see these again!

Woman wearing stirrup pants

Stirrup Pants
Stirrup pants were king. Every man, woman, and child owned a pair or ten of these things – okay, maybe not men, but you get the point. Stirrup pants were very similar to leggings, save for the actual elastic stirrup portion that went down under the foot, under a pair of slouch socks, or worn with a cute pair of flats or boots. They looked fabulous for the workplace and for casual wear. Many colors and patterns were available to choose from.

Slouch Socks
Slouch socks were sort of the love child between a sexy pair of leggings and a pair of crew socks. They were insanely comfortable, very fashionable, and were available in as many colors as exist under the sun. They were worn with everything – from jeans with the cool cuffs, to skirts, shorts, and even dresses. These would make a great accompaniment to today’s fashion world – and would look stellar with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a romper.

Woman with voluminous hair

Big Hair
We’ve all heard that big hair = sexy, so our question is, why is this trend not trending? That’s right people, let’s bring back the big, sexy hair! Maybe not the bangs though. Or the frizzy overdone perms. But volume? Yes, please!


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