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Tricks For Effective Sunscreen Reapplication

If you’re already in the habit of applying sunscreen every morning before you leave the house, kudos to you! That’s an accomplishment all in itself. While applying sunscreen every morning is necessary to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays throughout the day, only applying sunscreen in the morning isn’t enough. You read that correctly… you need to be reapplying your sunscreen. It’s said that sunscreen really only holds its protection benefits for 2-3 hours, which means you need to be reapplying a few times throughout the day. But chances are you’re wearing makeup so you may be wondering how to reapply? We’ve rounded up some tips for effective sunscreen reapplication to keep you in the know.

Start with a Protective Base
As we mentioned above, starting your sun protection off on the right foot is essential. In addition to that, applying a high quality sunscreen to your skin before you apply any makeup helps to set your skin up for success. Allow the sunscreen to fully absorb into the skin before moving on with the rest of your beauty routine, this creates a well-protected base of skin to get you started.

Use Foundation with SPF
Whatever type of foundation you choose to use whether it’s tinted moisturizer or a fuller coverage foundation, experts stress the importance of using a foundation that contains SPF as well. This helps to give you a more doubled up protection benefit to your skin. You’ll be able to achieve the face makeup look you desire, but also ensure that you’re getting extra protection benefits in the process.

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Use Liquid or Cream-Based Products
Experts suggest opting for liquid and/or cream based makeup products during the summer months. For one, they tend to be less drying in the heat. But more than the drying effect, the formula of these types of products tend to blend in better with SPF products allowing you to be able to reapply when necessary and blend the products into the SPF more naturally.

Try Different On-the-Go SPF Products
While we’re all about using a traditional lotion type SPF product for your initial SPF application in the morning, when you’re looking to reapply SPF throughout the day and not have it mess with your makeup too much there are a few other types of SPF formulations that can be a better fit. SPF products that are in spray/mist form and even powders are found to be just as beneficial in protecting your skin from the sun, but allow you to reapply them throughout the day without worry of messing up your makeup or making a mess in application.

Apply Consistently
While you’re going to be getting SPF protection from multiple types of products, remember what we mentioned above-the effects truly only last for about 2-3 hours. Experts suggest getting into the habit of applying and reapplying SPF throughout the day on a consistent basis. It’s suggested that most people tend to not use enough spray/powder SPF product when reapplying, so reapplying more often will help ensure your skin is well protected.

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