Try Charcoal and Clay Masks To Unclog Pores and Detoxify Skin

Recently, skin care masks have been getting more attention in the industry. If you walk through a beauty department, store or even a beauty bloggers social media feed you’re likely to see skin care masks pretty consistently. We’re fortunate to live in a time where there are lots of options. But truthfully, we know having so many options can also be a bit overwhelming. If one of your goals for your skin currently is to unclog pores and detox your skin, we’ve found two masks we think you may want to consider. Try charcoal and clay masks to unclog pores and detoxify skin. Yes, we said “charcoal” and “clay.”

Charcoal Masks
When thinking of charcoal, you probably don’t automatically think about skin care. That is, until now. Charcoal has been found to be an incredibly powerful ingredient when used in the form of a mask. One thing that we can’t completely avoid is being exposed to toxins throughout the day. No matter where you live, and how natural of a life you live… the truth is, we’re exposed to toxins on a daily basis. While it’s encouraged by experts to cleanse your skin consistently (every morning and evening) to help wash away a lot of the toxins that rest on the top layer of our skin, we also need to do a deep cleansing on our skin to really get a nice detox in the skin so nothing is getting left behind. What does this have to do with charcoal? Well as it turns out, charcoal has been found to act as an incredibly powerful detoxifying ingredient for the skin. Experts that are big in the use of charcoal suggest that charcoal essential latches onto toxins, making it the perfect detoxifier. Additionally, because of its ability to really give a true deep cleaning to the skin it’s also said to work really well to help unclog pores. Some say that they’ve noticed their pores look smaller after the use of a charcoal mask.

Clay Masks
Another ingredient you probably don’t often think of in the skin care realm. But clay, much like charcoal, has been found to be an incredibly beneficial skin care addition when used in mask form. There are a lot of different types of clay masks available, but in general clay has been found to act as a really great, soothing exfoliating product. In addition to helping give your skin a nice exfoliation, clay masks are also said to have absorbing benefits. As we mentioned above, our skin is exposed to different toxins and we have oil/dirt/bacteria build up in the skin that we really need to detox and unclog from our skin to keep it healthy and looking its best. Clay masks have been found to help with all of the above, because clay has the ability to absorb oil, bacteria and attract toxins to the surface it’s great for detoxifying your skin and unclogging your pores.

Are you surprised at the incredible benefits from clay and charcoal masks? Will you be giving them a try?

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