woman wearing velvet shoes

Turning Up Your Glam

Have you been feeling the pull to wanting to incorporate more glam details into your style?  There’s definitely something about this time of year that has many of us feeling that way.  Adding some glam to your style is such a fun way to bring a little more sparkle into your wardrobe – and let’s be honest…who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle?  You may be feeling this pull, but not quite sure exactly how to add some glam in a way that won’t be over the top.  Well, you’re in luck because we’re sharing our tips for turning up your glam with some of our favorite fashion trends that add just enough glam to give you some extra sparkle.

A Velvet Touch
In case you haven’t already noticed…velvet is kind of having a major moment right now.  Ok, if the velvet revival brings back bad 90’s flashbacks hang with us for a minute because velvet hasn’t gotten a totally modern upgrade.  Seriously!  There are so many amazing velvet garments right now, and there’s just something about velvet that adds instant glam to your look.  You don’t have to be head to toe velvet like the runway designer shows were showing, but even just adding one piece that’s in velvet can really help with turning up your glam.  Go ahead, give it a try!  If you’re not sure stick with velvet in a neutral like black or a warm jewel tone to add more elegance to the piece.

Corsets as…Outerwear
Ok, don’t panic we’re not talking about those extreme waist trainers all your favorite celebs have been posting pictures of.  There were actual corset inspired garments from the Fall 2016 runway shows and you know what?  They were pretty glam!  You don’t have to rock an extreme version of it, but the overall look of the corset and structure that it creates can be a great layering piece that really helps to turning up your glam.  Pair it with an oversized sweater or wear a loose-fitting blouse under for a different take and something that’s not TOO over the top glam – it’s a fun take on a corset look and something that you can wear with pretty much anything to instantly transform the look.

woman in black coat

Black Textures
All black everything?  Yep, but this time it’s much more glamorous than just wearing all black.  This season, it’s all about the 90’s revival, but in an updated way.  Remember the gothic vibes we saw in the 90’s?  Ok, so we’re not telling you to go full grunge/goth vibes here, but you can pull a little inspiration from the all black looks.  Traditionally,when we think of all black we think boring, but there’s nothing boring about all black looks when they’re created with loads of different textures to them.  The runway looks were combining black lace with black leather and black velvet – yep, the texture mixing is such a fun and easy way to make a look feel so much more glamorous.  Give it a try!

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