Up Your Protein Intake For Better Skin

Woman drinking protein shake

Protein has been known to be great for your health and fitness levels, typically we hear about not having enough protein in our diet.  While we think of it more in relation to our body and building muscle, it’s actually been found to do great things for your skin.  Shocked?  We were!  And since we’re all about new ways to upping our skin game, we instantly perked up when we heard Khloe Kardashian’s amazing skin is rumored to be partly due to her protein intake.  So we did a little research to find out all the details.

Protein is Made with Amino Acids
One of the biggest factors that have been found to contribute to better skin from the increase in protein is the amino acids that are in protein.  When your body is given protein (aka amino acids) it’s able to take what it needs from the amino acids and help your body to function properly.  Additionally, because you’re consuming necessary nutrients your body needs, it’s able to send these nutrients to your skin that it may not get otherwise.  Especially since most experts say protein can only be consumed when added to your diet (there’s no pill!).  This also means when certain cells in your body need repair, the protein helps to repair those cells with the amino acids.

Skin is Made of Protein
Our skin is literally made up of protein, which is also why it’s so great for your skin.  In fact, some suggest that proteins in our bodies actually form collagen (hello!), so adding more protein give the skin an extra boost to form together and become firmer giving your skin an amazing youthful appearance.

Since the only way to truly incorporate protein into your life is through diet, it means you need to eat/drink protein to reap the benefits it has on your skin.  There are always the major questions as to how much protein you actually need to consume.  Experts have suggested that those who are living a fairly active lifestyle should be consuming about half their body weight in grams of protein, but if you’re really active it should be your body weight in grams.  Often times, we’re not getting enough protein in our daily diet which means we need to find ways to incorporate more  sources of protein.  Many fitness and nutrition experts suggest planning your meals and looking for additional snacks that are loaded with protein to help you reach your goal.  Adding enough protein into your diet to achieve the benefits for your skin is definitely going to take some effort, especially if you’re struggling to get protein into your diet already.  Luckily, there are a lot of great protein shake options available now that can be great to get your protein in while you’re on the go or struggling to reach your gram goal.

Now that you know protein can give you major skin benefits, will you be making more effort to add more to your diet?

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