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Up Your Skin’s Glow With A Daily Dose Of Omega-3

The spring and summer months are approaching quickly, are you starting to feel like your skin needs a little glow boost? Ok, ok, most of us really want to having glowing skin all year round but as the warmer weather approaches most of us really have an itch to try to get that glow. Sure, we can use highlighting and bronzing products to achieving a gorgeous glow in our skin–but what if we don’t want to depend on makeup to have glowing skin? Truthfully, you can up your skin’s glow with a daily dose of omega-3. Yes, omega-3.

The past few years, omega-3 fatty acids have been the topic of discussion among the beauty AND wellness worlds. Why all the chatter? It’s for a good reason, actually. Because omega-3 fatty acids are loaded with pretty powerful benefits. As it turns out, omega-3 fatty acids are really great for helping reduce inflammation in the body, help to protect the skin from sun damage, assisting in maintaining a youthful skin appearance, reducing acne, and helping your skin to maintain hydration much more successfully. Ok, did we overwhelm you with all those benefits? To be honest, there are quite a few other benefits that have been found from taking a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids but we’re focusing on the skin benefits because we know you want to get that glowing skin.

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So often, when we think of taking care of our skin and getting that glow we all want we think of topical skin care products. However, omega-3 fatty acids have been found to be much more effective when taken as a supplement. It goes back to that theory of healing the skin from the inside out. Many experts have found and believe that in order to have healthy, glowing skin we need to work on our skin INTERNALLY just as much as externally. Taking a daily dose of omega-3 through the form of a supplement has been found to really ensure that your body and skin is able to absorb the nutrients these fatty acids are loaded with–helping your skin to better absorb and benefit from them.

The key to really making sure that you’re getting the benefits from omega-3 fatty acids is to make it a habit of taking a daily dose of these healthy fats. Many experts suggest that adding an omega-3 fatty acid supplement into your daily routine is one way to ensure that you’re getting a great source of them. In addition, look for incorporating foods that are high in omega-3’s into your diet. Foods like nuts, cold water fish, and certain fruits have been found to have a high percentage of omega-3’s. Incorporating more foods that are high in omega-3’s is just going to help give you that extra boost throughout your daily routine and really help you reap the benefits from these powerful nutrients. Of course, your skin is going to have a gorgeous glow, too–so what’s not to love?

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