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Using Concealer To Awaken Tired Eyes

Wake up with tired eyes? It’s a fairly rare occurrence to truly get enough shut eye at night. We all live in such a busy lifestyle, sleep tends to take the back burner. Regardless of how or why you’re not getting enough sleep, having an instant fix to awaken tired eyes is a necessary tip to know. Sure, figuring out the root of why you’re so tired is important we know that you want that instant fix so you don’t have to feel self-conscious when walking around with those tired eyes. Using concealer to awaken tired eyes is one of our favorite instant fixes. Of course, there are a few tricks to know to make sure you use concealer in the RIGHT way to awaken those tired eyes with ease.

Opt for Super Creamy Formulas
When you experience tired eyes, you probably notice that the skin under the eyes appears drier and lacking a lot of that natural moisture that we all know and love so much. Generally, that’s truly the case with tired eyes. So often when we don’t get enough sleep our eye area begins to lack enough moisture to maintain the awake look under the eyes. One of the best things you can do when using concealer to awaken tired eyes is to use concealer formulas that are super creamy. This isn’t the time to focus on concealing products that are powder based or a bit difficult to apply, since your skin needs additional moisture applying concealing products that are creamy and moisturized are going to give the skin that added boost it needs.

Layer Concealer
Many experts swear by applying two different types of concealing products to the under eye area when working on awakening tired eyes. This doesn’t mean you need to pile on a LOT of the products, but using two different concealing formulas is said to help create more balance in the skin’s appearance. The first concealer you should apply is a concealer that’s very lightweight and doesn’t deposit a whole lot of color. This concealer helps to cancel out any discoloration you may be experiencing in your skin from them being so tired, and really creating a more even surface of skin. After applying that more opaque formula of concealer, topping that with a concealer that has light reflecting elements built in is going to give that you finished look with your concealer that really awakens the under eye area. Light reflecting formulas are great because they, well, reflect the light and give the illusion of an under eye area that’s much brighter and awake than it may naturally be.

Applying Product in the Right Way
It’s common for women to apply concealer to their under eye area in a shape that mimics their eye shape. The problem with just applying concealer to the area of skin right under the eye is you’re not getting the full brightening effect. Instead, apply concealer in an upside down triangle that stretches to the area around your nose and the outside corner of your eye.

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