Using Essential Oils To Hydrate and Heal Skin

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Essential oils seem like they’ve just boomed the past couple of years, and they’re only becoming more popular.  The interesting thing about essential oils is while they may seem like they’re a new thing, they’ve actually been around and been used for many many years.  Essential oils are loaded with incredible benefits, and a great option for those that are interested in more natural route for healing purposes.  Because there are SO many different essential oils and they all have so many different benefits, you may be wondering where to even start.  We’re talking about using essential oils to heal skin because, well… we’re all about skin around here!

Frankincense Oil
Frankincense is an essential oil that’s loaded with countless benefits and uses (seriously, look it up sometime), but one of the really great benefits is what it’s been found to do for the skin.  Frankincense is known to actually act as an anti-inflammatory for the skin even helping to soothe dry skin.  Among other skin benefits like decreasing the appearance of pores and wrinkles (hello, amazing!), frankincense is known to be a really incredible oil to hydrate and heal skin.

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Rose Oil
This oil is actually known to promote healing in the body, especially the skin.  Again known to reduce inflammation in the body and skin, it’s also really powerful at helping with dryness of the skin.  Rose oil has actually been found to assist dryness in even the most extreme conditions like those that suffer from psoriasis.  It’s a great oil that aids to heal the skin, hydrate as well as help create a more even skin tone and texture for users.

Myrrh Oil
Another essential oil that’s known to be loaded with some pretty powerful anti-aging properties, it’s also known to heal skin as well as hydrate it from dryness.  It’s actually been found to help heal skin from sun damage and rashes – just to name a couple.  Similar to frankincense it’s known as a great anti-inflammatory oil that helps with the overall appearance of your skin, which is a pretty awesome bonus if you ask us.

When it comes to the fall months, our skin tends to get pretty dry so having the option to use some natural sources like essential oils is a really great way to get some relief without adding any harmful chemicals to your body.  The bonus of essential oils is that most of the have multiple uses, so even though the oils we listed above are great for healing and hydrating skin they’re also filled with a ton of other benefits.  Regardless of what oil you choose to use make sure you do your research on the essential oils that you purchase and use so that you know you’re getting what you’re looking for out of the oils.  Often you need very little of the essential oils to actually reap the benefits of using them, even having the option to add them to your skincare products in some cases.

Do you use essential oils for your skin?

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