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We May Be Close To A Vaccine For Acne

We may be close to a vaccine for acne. Did we get your attention? Perfect! Acne is something that’s a major stress and frustration for so many people around the world. If you’re someone who deals with acne on a constant basis, you’ve probably tried almost everything (if not everything) to try to get some relief to your acne breakouts. Many acne sufferers find that they may find something that works for a little bit but may experience acne again after a period of time. It’s been something that skin care experts have had a lot of focus on because so many people deal with acne on a consistent basis.

It’s a struggle so much that scientists are said to be working on a vaccine to help with the treatment of acne. You already know that when we got wind of this news our ears immediately perked up. A vaccine? For acne? We certainly didn’t expect to be hearing of an acne treatment in vaccine form any time soon. But, thanks to the major advancements that have been made in recent years in science and technology it seems that it could be a reality sooner than we know!

Scientists at the University of California are now working on an acne vaccine. From the sounds of it, it’s been something that scientists have been looking at for quite some time but because of the main bacteria that causes acne is good for the body on a certain level they’ve been struggling to develop a vaccine that would help fight the acne without causing a negative effect on anything else in the body.

The good news? They figured out another way to use a vaccine to (hopefully) fight acne from forming in the body. It turns out that these scientists at the University of California have found that there’s a protein in the body that’s discovered to cause a lot of the inflammation that turns into acne in the skin. In addition to finding this essential protein that’s NOT doing our bodies favors in fighting acne, they’ve also found that there’s an antibody that may be able to help fight that ‘bad’ protein in the body.

Now keep in mind that these scientists are still currently working out all the details and real well, science behind how this vaccine could help acne suffers in a safe way. However, we thought the news of something in the works was too newsworthy NOT to share with you. There’s no real timeline on when this potential vaccine may be available to users like us, but it seems that they’ve made some major progress in the cause and it could very well be here and available in a fairly short amount of time.

What do you think of a vaccine to treat acne? Is it something you would try if/when available?

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