Weird But Amazing Beauty Hacks to Try

Woman and her cosmetics.

The advent of Pinterest has really put forth all sorts of beauty and makeup tricks which we can add into our everyday lives. People from across the world get to share their beauty hacks, while others get to learn the latest tricks and secrets without having to lift a finger. Some of the hacks that we come across on such social media sites often feel weird, but there are those which really work wonders. Today, we examine some of the most weird but amazing beauty hacks that you must try.

Woman applying vaseline

Vaseline on Pressure Points to Hold Perfume
If you love wearing perfume on a daily basis, but find that your scent fades awfully quickly, why not try this handy dandy hack? Apparently, if you put a small amount of Vaseline on the pressure points where you are to be applying your fave scent, the Vaseline will attach and bind to the perfume, and hold the perfume for a longer period of time rather than if you were to just apply perfume alone.

Woman getting a hair treatment.

Clarify Your Hair with Beer
We bet you didn’t know that washing your hair with a beer rinse can really remove product buildup and add an incredible amount of shine to the hair, did you? Well, now you know! Shampoo and condition as you normally would, and then, towel dry the hair, comb out, and apply about 1 cup of beer to the hair, massaging in, and covering the hair with plastic wrap. From there, allow it to rest on the head for about 5 minutes, and rinse.

Orange lipstick

Orange Lipstick to Remove Dark Circles
This is one of the weirdest-sounding beauty hacks we’ve heard in a little while. But, apparently, using a red orange lipstick hue underneath the eyes to diminish dark circles will actually work! The orange hue within the lip color neutralizes the grey colors, and when wiped away, won’t stain the skin – and what’s left behind is a beautiful, natural hued look to your under eye area. You can use this hack with a cheap orange lipstick and see if it works for you!

Woman applying eye cream

Preparation H to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness
If you thought Preparation H was only for the treatment of hemorrhoids, think again! This useful cream can be used to treat those stubborn under eye bags and puffiness you find yourself plagued with due to crying, sleeping, or otherwise. Simply apply a teeny bit to the area, avoiding getting it into the eyes – and watch as the puffiness goes right down! This method sure beats sitting there for 20 minutes holding cold spoons to your undereye area, and tea bags, which may not even work as well.

Woman coloring her hair.

Eye Shadow to Cover Roots
You need to get in to see your stylist, but you can’t quite swing the appointment this week. Not to worry! Even though your roots could use a serious touch up, hide the area by applying some eyeshadow that matches the hair color to the roots of your hair, and it hit it with some hairspray to hold the color all day. This will work wonderfully – just be sure not to rub the eyeshadow off!

Woman with flyaway hair.

Dryer Sheets to Combat Flyaways
If you find your perfectly flat ironed hair with some stray flyaways mid-day, not to worry – if you carry some dryer sheets around with you. A quick rub over the unruly hair will diminish flyaways and static in a hurry – and it works far better than using hairspray! Just keep a couple tucked in your purse for whenever you need them. Plus, your purse will smell fab!

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