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What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery

Have you been curious about breast reduction surgery?  Perhaps it’s something you’ve been considering for yourself.  If you’ve thought about it, you’re in the right place because we’re giving you some of the details on what happens during breast reduction surgery.  Of course, for more specifics on this type of procedure you’re going to want to ask your trusted medical professional.  However, we know that sometimes surgeries like these can be a thought you may have had for a while but been hesitant to take your curiosity a step further to book a consultation with a doctor.  Which is why we thought we would do some of the honors and give you a bit of the info on what happens, so you have some information if you decide to move forward.

Breast reduction surgery is also often known as a mammaplasty.  Much like any other surgery you would have, before actually heading into the operating room you’re put under anesthesia.  Once you’re well under anesthesia, the doctors start with the incision of the breast to really get started with the surgery.  One thing to keep in mind is that the doctors will use their professional experience to decide what type of incision is going to be the best fit for you and your body.  Much of the incision type depends upon how much tissue is being removed from the breasts as well as the position of the nipple.  Choosing a doctor that’s very experienced and skilled is going to be crucial so that you’re sure the incision type that is done is the best option for you.

Once the doctor makes the initial incision in the breast they begin to reshape the actual breast.  By reshaping the breast, they typically start by removing the necessary/desired tissue from the breast.  After the doctor removes the necessary amount of tissue from the breast, they do any reshaping necessary to ensure that the breast(s) have a natural shape still.  Once they’ve created and reshaped the breast in a way that looks natural and is without the unwanted tissue, they then go about repositioning the nipple.  Many times, the nipple is left connected to the original nerve supply so that the feeling in the nipple isn’t altered.  Since the shape of your breast is shifted, and changed they move the nipple to make sure that it’s in a place that now best fits the new shape of the breast.  They, of course, repeat this process on the other breast.

Finally, once all of that is done they go about closing the incision on the breast.  They often close the incisions with a type of suture to keep everything in place and allow for safe healing.  Once the surgery is complete, patients are often brought to a recovery area until you’re able to allow a lot of the anesthesia to wear off.  For the most part, patients are able to leave their surgical facility within a couple of hours to go home for recovery.  Of course, your doctor should give you clear recovery expectations and directions to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery.

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