What It Takes To Look Like A Bronzed Beauty

Bronzed beauty

There’s something about looking and feeling a little more bronzed that leaves us feeling like our own glam version of JLo, the bronze queen herself.  We know you want to look like a bronzed beauty but with all the different products and techniques it can be intimidating to actually make it happen on your own.  We don’t think you need to be a professional makeup artist to look like a bronzed beauty at home, so we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help you understand what it takes to look like a bronzed beauty.

Choosing a Palette
There are SO many different makeup palettes out on the market now, not to mention bronzed makeup palettes.  It leaves a girl wondering where to even start to look.  Experts suggest one key tip when looking and purchasing a makeup palette, and that’s choosing colors that will compliment your eye color.  Since a bronzed look is really all about the eyes, you’re going to want to make sure the shades that are in the palette are going to really make those gorgeous eyes of yours pop.  In addition, consider how versatile the shades in the palette are.  Will you be able to mix them together easily?  Can you wear the colors in more than one way?  And so on.  And finally, it’s best to look for palettes that have a variety of different finishes with the shadows.  Meaning you don’t want ALL shimmer shadows and you don’t want all matte shadows, find something with a nice mix of both – it will help add to the versatility of the palette.

Using the Shadows
Creating a gorgeous bronzed beauty look is going to be made possible by mixing different shades of bronze/brown into your makeup looks.  Makeup experts suggest creating a smokey eye by applying a lighter color eyeshadow to the inside corner and middle portion of your lid, and blend it with a darker tone in the outside corner.  Lining the bottom lash line with a bronzey color can add to the bronzed look really well as well.  Blending is going to be the biggest factor when it comes to applying your shadows and really creating a look that’s gorgeously bronzed.  Make sure the palette you choose is made up of shadows that are easy to blend, and you have the proper makeup brushes to accomplish this.

Mix it Up 
Remember that there’s no one way to create a bronzed beauty look, and you don’t have to use eyeshadows just as eyeshadows.  The great thing about makeup is you’re really able to play around with it and make it your own.  Creating eyeliner looks with a bronze tone eyeshadow, or adding a gorgeous bronzer to your cheekbones to create some contour are both other possibilities when it comes to achieving a bronzed makeup look.  There’s no right or wrong here, the most important thing is to practice and just have fun with it!

Do you have a favorite bronzed beauty makeup palette or look?

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