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Will Pink Suppress Your Appetite?

Appetite control is definitely a difficult thing for so many people.  Ever feel like you’re just always hungry?  Us too!  Aside from eating healthy and trying to stay strong in not overdoing it on a regular basis, we got to thinking about what other tips can help to suppress an appetite.  We did a bit of research and stumbled upon some of the psychology of color and how some people believe that certain colors can help to suppress your appetite.  The shade of pink, specifically.  So, will pink suppress your appetite?  We’re digging a little deeper to share what we’ve found on this topic!

Believe it or not, there’s been quite a few studies done on how certain colors affect us psychologically.  There’s a whole world of color psychology out there, if you have any further interest in doing some more research yourself.  When we stumbled upon the belief that the color pink is said to help suppress your appetite we had to find out more.  A color that can affect your appetite?  Well, as it turns out, there were studies done on this very topic back in the 60’s.  Among the findings in the studies, many researchers discovered that the specific shade of pink called ‘Baker-Miller Pink’ is a shade that is said to help suppress your appetite.  Furthermore, that very shade of pink is said to have a calming effect on those that are exposed to it.  Among other researchers, John Hopkins also did their own research on the color pink and they found similar results.

While there have been quite a few studies that have shown that this specific shade of pink, Baker-Miller Pink, is believed to help with suppressing your appetite it’s still believed that there’s not a lot of cold, hard evidence it’s a for sure thing.  However, even super model Kendall Jenner recently shared that she painted her wall this very color for the fact that she heard it was believed to help suppress appetites.  So while it seems the jury is still out a bit – there’s quite a bit of evidence that does show it’s not unrealistic to believe that incorporating Baker-Miller pink into your home or area in some way could potentially help to suppress your appetite.

We don’t know about you, but we’re up for giving it a try ourselves!  Since there are so many studies and research that has indicated that color really has a massive impact on our conscious and subconscious it would make sense that having a particular color around could impact our appetite in a way that we may not necessarily be able to explain or really wrap our head around.  But truthfully, some of the best things in life are those things that seem a little out of the box.  If you’ve been struggling to suppress your appetite – we think it’s worth a try!  After all, it’s safer than some alternative options and what’s the harm?  At the bare minimum at least you’ll have something in a gorgeous shade of pink!

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