Winter Wedding Updos

Winter in and of itself is a magical, wonderful time of year. There’s something about the sparkling white snowflakes falling gently from the sky and landing amongst the others scattered along the ground that make this season feel special. There are usually parties to look forward to attending, gifts to be given, lots of shopping and spending, and excitement seems to be hiding around every corner. The one thing that could make winter time even more special would be a magical winter wedding.

When it comes to deciding on the hairstyle you plan on going for, updo’s are a fantastic choice because they look elegant, and they allow everyone at your wedding to see your face and your makeup. They also allow everyone to see your dress fully without being overshadowed by hair.

Some of the most fantastic winter wedding updos for this season can be found below, brought to you by Lionesse Beauty Bar.

bride getting ready in her suite with knotty updo

Knots and Braids

Twisting your hair into a series of small, messy knots and securing to the back of your head, and incorporating into the mix a few small braids throughout would look stunning for your big day. You could even use some pearls to weave throughout the style, or add some small flowers or precious stone hair pins. This is an absolutely stunning style for the most important day in your life!


French Braid With Tucked Underside

The classic French braid would make a wonderful updo for your winter wedding – but with a twist! French braid your hair as you normally would, and then tuck the bottom of the braid back into the hair. Pin, secure, and spray. This would make a beautiful, elegant wedding updo for the fall of 2014.

Bride showing off a side bun with a large flower adornment

Side Bun with Flowers

A low rise loose bun with white or red flowers incorporated into the bun itself would be the epitome of feminine and chic. It looks classy and elegant, and perfect for your special winter wedding. You could leave a few loose pieces on the opposite side and give them a twirl around your finger and spray to get a couple of waves.

Bun with Ribbon and Pearls

A big, fluffy, oversized bun would look beautiful with ribbon wrapped around the bun itself, incorporated into the bun, or even tied around your head if veils just aren’t for you. A strand o pearls could also be incorporated into the bun to give a beautiful eye popping something special.

Bride with beautiful wavy hairdo

Wavy Updo

You might be wondering how a wavy updo would be possible. Simply put, adding waves to the hair and then pinning up low to the back of the head with beautiful pins and securing with a few bursts of hairspray will guarantee your look will last throughout the day. This updo is perfect for a winter wedding by the sea.


There are so many variations to the types of updos you could wear for your wedding. These are just a few. Take some inspiration from Hollywood and seize this moment – make your wedding hair style count!

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