You Can Sport Dresses In Cold Weather

As the temperatures start to drop throughout a lot of the country, we’re all starting to adjust the way that we’re dressing.  It’s only natural that as the weather changes, so does our style.  If you’re like many women, you feel like it’s harder to wear dresses in the colder weather – you may even avoid wearing dresses this time of year because of it, or because you feel like you’re not quite sure HOW to wear them this time of year.  Just for the record, if you’ve been a little unsure about the whole dress thing – you CAN sport dresses in cold weather.  And we’re sharing some tips on how to do so with ease!

woman in winter dress

Add Tights or Leggings
Let’s be honest, one of the main factors that so many of us tend to shy away from wearing dresses in the winter time is because it’s colder outside and well, hello…our legs are bare!  But fortunately, there’s a super easy fix for that – seriously!  Throw on a pair of leggings or tights under the dress.  Not only will you dress feel more winter appropriate, but it will also add a layer to your legs so they don’t feel quite as cold.

Add Layers
Similar to the shoes, we tend to wear dresses on their own during most of the year, and it just doesn’t feel super winter-like and isn’t exactly warm.  Fortunately, there’s an easy fix – just add layers!  When it comes to wearing a dress during the cold weather, it’s all about creating a look that’s functional and LOOKS like you’re dressed for the season.  To do this, adding different layers and textures over your dress is going to be a huge help.  This includes adding blazers, faux fur vests, cardigans or even scarves.  They instantly transform your look and give you some added layers to keep you warm, when it’s colder outsides.

woman winter boots

Change Out Your Shoes
Typically in the summer and fall seasons we’re wearing dresses with sandals, open toe shoes, and some basic pumps.  While those types of shoes are synonymous with the warmer weather, they’re not exactly appropriate for the cold weather…nor do we even want to be wearing them during the cold weather months.  Instead, switch out your shoes for boots, ankle booties or even just a closed toed shoe in a darker color.  You’ll instantly transform the look of your dress when you pair it with different shoes and it will be much more functional for you in the cold weather.

Switch Up Your Accessories
Just like all the other tips, it’s all about really switching up the way you’re wearing the dresses to make them appropriate for the cold weather – accessories included.  Adding a hat, or piling on different winter-vibe accessories is going to be another great way to switch up your dress from the way that you wear it the other times throughout the year.  Incorporate cold weather accessories to really get into the theme like hats and scarves – you’re sure to make a statement AND feel like you won’t freeze to death in a dress.

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