Your Eyes, Your Skin And Your Computer

Right now you’re like so many other Americans…you’re staring at a screen. So many of us spend so much of our time staring at computer screens, phone screens, and television screens. It’s clear that we all spend a lot of our time looking at screens of all kinds. We’ve often heard about the effect that all this screen time can have on our eyes and even our sleeping habits (causing our brains to have a hard time really shutting off), but what about our skin? There’s recently been some skin care products, eye glasses and other screen specific items that are boosting the ability to protect our skin from the light coming from these types of devices. It got us thinking…your eyes, your skin and computer-what do they all have in common? If anything.

HEV Light from Digital  Screens
There’s been some discussion around the light that’s projected from technology screens that we mentioned above with dermatologists and other skin care experts so we did a bit of research on this. Our findings were interesting, to say the least. As it turns out some believe that the light source from technology screens like phones, tablets and computers can cause damage to our skin. This particular light is referred to as HEV, otherwise known as high-energy visible light. Some experts in the industry believe that this light source is just as damaging as the sun’s light (UVA and UVB) while, others are still very skeptical.

Potential Skin Damage?
The good news is that as of now there’s no evidence to prove that HEV light can cause cancer, or is even as damaging or harsh as the sun’s damaging rays. So for now, you don’t need to panic about how often you’re on these types of devices. Although…your eyes would probably love a break every now and then. While there’s not a lot of hard evidence on any damage that’s caused by HEV light, some experts in the field have had patients that seem to have developed darkening of skin color that’s said to be due to the exposure to HEV light. Again, there isn’t hard evidence to prove this is the real cause but it’s something that seems to be of interest to the experts.

Your Poor Eyes
While there isn’t a lot of proof to prove either way on the HEV effects to skin, there is a lot more proof that shows just how harsh the light and screens are on your eyes. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time looking at computer screens and  phone screens (really…who doesn’t these days?), for the sake of your eyes if nothing else, it’s worth trying to cut back on how often you’re spending on those types of devices. While we realize that many people are on these devices for their careers, finding times when you’re able to break away from technology and not spend much time looking at the screens can be an incredibly powerful break for your eyes. As for your skin…we  suggest for now you focus more on worry about the sun’s light and wear that SPF.

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