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11 Easy Braids for Windy Weather

Basic braiding is out. New braid styles are in! You may not immediately recognize it, but now, there are many more ways for you to braid your hair fashionably and uniquely. There’s a whole lot of techniques and styles to choose from which is far from the basic 3-way braids that everybody can do.

Braids are the perfect windy day hairdo because first, you’re assured that your hairstyle would be intact and second, you won’t be limited to the style you wish to have. There’s a long list of braiding styles that anyone can do and there’s probably a whole lot more that hasn’t been discovered or experimented with yet!

We strongly recommend wearing braids on windy days because this kind of hairstyle can be wind-proof especially if done properly. Not only that but you have the liberty to either choose if you want some of your hair to be down, or if you want a full updo style of braiding. It’s all up to you!

Are you hair-dy? Let’s begin.

1. Dutch Braid

Hairstylist doing a Dutch braid on woman's hair with bobby pins

This braid is ultimately the strongest. It’s actually like doing the French braid in reverse.

This elegant-looking hairstyle can give you the best unstoppable look (even on windy days!) for the perfect occasion. It’s sleek, and tightly-done in nature process will surely make you look neat and tidy even on windy days.

2. Side Twist Ponytail Braid

This hairstyle’s a sure fit for you. You have to tie your silky hair in a ponytail sideways, and then do the simple basic braid on it, and voila! There you have it! It’s pretty simple, but it’s sure to last long even on windy days.

3. Fishtail Braid

One of the favorite kinds of braids is the fishtail braid. With this kind of braiding, your hair strands are tied tediously. It’s deeply rooted in the ends of your scalp which is why it’s perfect for windy days. Make sure you tie the end tightly to ensure that no wind can destroy the look!

Tip: You might want to wear a cute casual dress if you’re planning to go with this hairstyle!

4. Halo Braid

Smiling pregnant woman with crown braid

For an extra princess twist, you might want to do the halo braid! In this kind of braiding, the end goal is to create a halo-like structure at the top of your head through the process of braiding. All you have to do is braid your hair sidewards in a way that it goes around.

Whether your hair is up or down, it’s up to you. But for the perfect angel-look, you can include the bottom strands of your hair in the top braiding. It will surely stay tight even with the wind around!

5. Pony Braid

You can always depend on a pony braid! It’s pretty simple. Tie your hair in a regular ponytail style, and then braid it in the regular 3-way pattern. This look is perfect if you’re going to have sports activities!

6. Princess Tiara Braid

This braid is one of the cutest styles you can do to your hair. All you have to do is take a small bundle of hair on the left side of your hair and do a small braid going to the middle-back portion of your head and then do the same for the right side of your hair. Make the two braided bundles of hair connect in the middle, and there you have it! You now have something like a mini tiara.

Tip: You might want to use some clips with this braid!

7. French Braid

Unknown woman with French braids

Another one of the classics! Many ladies consider the french braid as one of the easiest to do. All you have to do is start from the topmost part of your scalp going down.

This hairstyle can fit almost any kind of look. Just make sure you do the braids tightly so that the wind can’t get the best out of it!

8. Twisted Rope Braid

One of the unique looking braids known to people is the twisted rope braid! It’s pretty simple, but not a lot of people do it. For this style, it’s pretty far from the usual 3-strand braiding technique. But worry not because it’s quite simple to do!

For this style, all you have to do is arrange your hair in a ponytails style, tie it, and then separate the hanging hair into two groups. Twist both groups separately and then loop the twisted bundles of hair around each other until you reach the end, and there you have it! Surely, no wind can stop this tightly-done style.

9. Dutch Braid Pigtails

Hairstylist making pigtail dutch braids on woman's hair

The Dutch Braid Pigtails is one of the braiding styles that can truly withstand the wind. It’s doing the Dutch Braid again but in pigtail form!

Just do one on the left side of your hair, and another on the right. Afterward, you leave the two towards the end in a pigtail style where there are two bundles of hair hanging from left and right. If done correctly, you will look very neat, and worry not because these pigtails are strong enough to fight the wind.

10. Braided Bun

For those who want to keep all their hair up, this braid style is the perfect one for you! Unlike the others, the process of doing this is quite different. All you have to do is bow down to make sure all your hair is down, and then braid the bottom back part of your hair downwards.

If there are no more falling strands, you can sit back up and then once you’ve reached the top part of your head, you can already tie your hair in a bun. It’ll surely stay-in tact no matter how windy your day can get.

11. Waterfall Braid

Young woman braiding waterfall braids in the park

If you don’t want your hair up, you can always leave it down. With the waterfall braid, it’s just like giving the side of your hair some glamour but still leaving it downwards. It’s also quite a famous style of braiding known worldwide but be sure to do the tiny details tightly so that the end product can be wind-proof.

The Basics of Hair Braiding

In order to achieve these hairstyles, we need to ensure that we have all the basic essentials.

These essentials are important because if we want to look pretty, we got to be prepared & ready! You don’t have to worry because these items are probably just inside your bedroom drawer, and it’s usually pretty easy to find! Just to be safe & sure, let’s have a quick rundown of these essentials, so we’ll know if you’re ready for some braiding action!

1) Comb / Brush

Well, this item is pretty basic, and almost everybody should have it! But with braiding, having a comb or a brush is essential because you’ll be working with bundles of hair, and if you want it clean and neatly done, you’ll need one of these so you can easily cross each group of hair over one another.

2) Elastics

Besides the typical ponytail, having rubberband-like elastics would be a tremendous help in braiding because it helps keep your hair intact. Not only this but it also keeps baby hair and short-lengthed strands of hair from mixing with other bundles of hair resulting into one’s hair tangling. Elastics also greatly help in tying hair bundles together so that the braiding method would be a piece of cake.

3) Bobby Pins / Clips

Not all people have silky straight hair, so it’s essential to have bobby pins and clips for those who have thicker hair strands! Having bobby pins and clips can come in handy because you’ll never know if there’s a short hair strand peeking in from a neatly done side. Not only do the pins and clips make your life easier in braiding but they also help you keep your braids neat and presentable!

4) Hair Gel

To make sure that your hair is sleek and shiny, it’s pretty handy to have one of these things! Although it’s optional, there’s no harm in having it around when you’re making doing your braids!

5) Iron / Curler

Again, another optional tool. If you want to put some extra flavor to your braided looks, you might want to use an iron or a curler for some extra glam! Having an iron, or a curler can put some extra style to the braided looks that don’t put your hair in an updo style. Perfect for the braids which leave some hair hanging below!

With these handy and useful tools and essentials, you will surely have a fun time in braiding yourself, your friends, your family, and whoever is in need of some braiding help.

So there you have it! A list of easy braids and the essential tools in order to braid your hair any which way. Remember that each style can suit a specific occasion, and it’s up to you to decide which one you like.

Do you have any favorite styles? Share it with us!

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