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8 Habits to Try for Body Positivity

Are you down on your body for being less than perfect?

Even though we know – consciously – that we should love our bodies and accept the way we are, it’s often easier said than done. After all, how many times have you wished your cellulite away? Or been disappointed that you were thinner, shapelier, curvier in the ‘right’ places?

Are you down on your body? That’s a no brainer. Which is why it’s time to swap our self-criticism for habits that are more positive and embracing of the bodies we do have. Read on to find out what habits you can incorporate into your daily life!

Begin Your Day With a Routine

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you start doing?

For most young adults, they usually start their morning by browsing on their mobile phones. Half of the time, you start by watching one video clip until you realize you’ve been scrolling for two to three hours already.

By doing this daily, you succumb yourself to losing opportunities to be more productive. You make yourself more vulnerable to the pressure and adverse effects brought about by social media.

What You Need to Do:

Instead of starting your day by browsing right away on social media, it’s best to create and stick to a healthy and body-positive routine.

In creating your daily routine, you have to ensure that you commit yourself in following it every day. By committing to a daily routine, you are slowly training your body to become more healthy. You even learn to become more disciplined and open to psychosocial activities.

For starters, the best way to start a daily routine is by focusing on the hygienic essentials and being generally tidy. Instead of using your phone right away, resort to making your bed and doing your morning skincare routine. By tidying up, you are interacting with your physical attributes more in the mirror and practicing your mind to accept what you look like, and eventually who you are.

You can also add mentally and physically healthy activities such as:

  • journal writing,
  • watering a plant; and
  • jogging outside.

By doing such, you are giving yourself a holistic improvement when it comes to health and hygiene, which can take a toll on body positivity.

Make sure you stick to this routine to keep yourself away from unnecessary activities which can make you feel bad or jealous of other people through social media and other toxic platforms.

Power-Dress for Yourself

With the emergence of many gender rights advocacies and laws, dressing up has been one of the major controversies around the world. However, by seeing this aspect from a different perspective, you can learn how to educate someone else about the power of dressing to empower.

What You Need to Do:

To boost body positivity, you need to know what kind of style you are most comfortable with and dress up according to what makes you happy. By practicing this habit, you will be more confident. You will also learn to explore different fashion styles which will suit your liking.

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Through power dressing, you learn the value of dressing up to express yourself and not to impress others. It is an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity in the fashion world such as having your own make-up line, fashion store, and even a combination of those!

Be More Open

We all know different people have varying biological make-ups. Because of this, you can never change some things no matter how hard you try. In learning to be more open, you accept the different realities of other people including yourself when it comes to body image.

In body positivity, learning to be more open is very important–being open to yourself, to other people, and the different possibilities. This habit teaches you to converse with people who have similar body structures and views as you, as well as those who face a different reality.

What You Need to Do:

By opening yourself up to healthy conversations, you can practice being more open-minded to different body images–may it be muscular, lean, skinny, and everything else. It is normal that other people prefer different body types compared to what we like, and these are things we have to be open-minded about.

Choose Healthy Options 

To improve one’s body image, it’s also important to consider one’s food choices. By being more conscious of the food and beverages you eat, you are establishing a connection with yourself. You are teaching yourself that you are in control. Everything you do is by your own doing. Being in control teaches you to love your body more.

What You Need to Do:

In choosing healthy food choices, remember that what you eat defines how you treat yourself. If you eat junk, it means you believe your body is junk. However, if you are meticulous with the kind of food you put inside your body, then you care for your physical well-being. Choosing healthy options gives you the energy to be who you want to be.

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You can create a body that is all up to you, whichever makes you happy. Want to gain more weight, why not? Want to lose some pounds, it’s up to you!

Advocate for Body Positivity

One of the best ways for us to practice body positivity is for us to advocate for it. Many social institutions and non-government organizations promote and champion the concept of body positivity.

Given the many adverse effects of body shaming, different advocates have come together to fight for a common goal and work towards making a great cause known.

Because of the many possible ways to advocate a cause, it can be hard for some to initiate it. For other people, they are too shy to speak about it or may feel afraid of judgment from others.

No need to worry!

What You Need to Do:

We have some simple ways you can try to be a part of the advocacy for body positivity:

1) Talk to Other People About It

You may not realize it immediately, but a lot of people struggle in learning to love how they look. Because of this, there are many unsaid thoughts which may be released if one ought to spark a conversation.

It’s true when they say a simple conversation can lead to a series of great ideas that can eventually change society. Who knows that the person you’re sitting next to is only waiting for a stranger to talk to about the same views?

2) Talk About It on Social Media

Social media is a powerful outlet to make certain advocacy known. A simple post, tweet, or photo can reach hundreds of people. Hopefully, it will inspire and motivate them to learn about body positivity and be an ally of those who experience continuous body shaming or bullying.

3) Write Down Your Thoughts

Unlike other people, some prefer to write their thoughts using pen and paper. If you are this type of person, you can write a poem, an essay, or any piece that could inspire or move someone to lean towards embracing his or her physical appearance.

4) Support Existing Movements 

Many organizations and individuals are now open to the idea of body positivity. A lot of movements and campaigns have already been launched. One of the best ways to be a part of this cause is by supporting it.

May it be an online campaign, a concert for a cause, or a simple forum about body positivity, taking part and supporting the advocacy can help with spreading the word.

5) Encourage and Empower Other People

Many people are victims of body shaming. It is one of the leading causes of why people struggle to embrace body positivity. By being empathetic and learning the right ways to approach other people who need support, body positivity is achievable–not just for yourself, but for other people as well.

In empowering others, we are teaching other people to learn to love themselves and accept their flaws. In doing so, we can lessen mental health problems and have healthier people around the globe.

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Sometimes, what people need may be as simple as a compliment or an affirmation. Helping doesn’t entail grand gestures, but rather simple acts to create a ripple effect.

By adopting these simple and doable habits to advocate for body positivity, anyone can make a change. You do not have to start your own organization or campaign to support this cause. All you need is to be fearless in doing it.

Exercise Regularly

One of the many underrated self-care and body positivity habits that people resort to nowadays is practicing physical and mental exercise. Even science can prove how physical activity can contribute a lot of good effects on improving an individual’s body image. In a study conducted by East Tennessee State University, they discussed the relationship between one’s body image and the exercise type done by the person. By being more critical of the kind of exercise done, there is a relevant scientific effect on one’s body and mind.

What You Need to Do:

By inserting a regular exercise schedule in your daily routine, you can learn how to appreciate your body image more. To add to this, you can also customize your exercise routine based on your goals.

For some, exercising with a program helps them to stay committed to a schedule. They are more motivated to visit the gym or wake up early enough to make sure they don’t miss an exercise schedule. Adapting an exercise regimen can create wonders on how you can love your body more.

To ensure that you get the best exercise routines, you can also invest in different exercise equipment such as stationary bikes, dumbbells, advance treadmills, and the like.

Educate Yourself

Of course, to be open-minded about any other topic, you have to educate yourself. In our society today, many scientific studies and social experiments already discuss the different impacts of body image and body positivity. Make it a habit of reading and browsing through different articles, even in social media, to learn more about the effects of being more accepting of different body structures.

What You Need to Do:

Many people, especially young adults, are very vocal about the different issues of body shaming. By educating yourself on the various social impacts and causes of body shaming, we can help other people to see themselves closer in a different light and appreciate their own bodies better. It may be a simple step, but making it a habit can make a huge difference.

Compliment Yourself Daily

Last but definitely not least is to make it a habit of complimenting and rewarding yourself on a regular basis. By doing this, you can condition your mind to be more confident. You become more self-aware to the reality of your personality and identity.

What You Need to Do:

You can compliment yourself by putting a simple post-it on your desk mirror or your planner. This note is a reminder of the things that you are and the things that you can be. By making yourself feel good, you will learn to appreciate yourself more and help others to be more positive about their bodies.

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Through these various habits, one can learn how to be more positive about themselves. Again, it does not take millions of dollars to learn how to love yourself. You just need to take each day slowly to fall in love with you and your body.

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