80s Trends That Are Back

1980s trends

For everyone who pridefully kept or stored anything in a Caboodle, you’re gonna love this–the 80s are back–with all the glam and boldness that created their niche in time. Fast forward to now, and here we are in the 10s–and, yes, that’s what they are–once again set on enjoying a full measure of 80s ambiance and glory. Now, not every single element of the decade made the forward catapult in time, but you can probably fairly accurately guess with some accuracy which ones were left behind at least–and we won’t even bother going there. That’ll be for another time. What trends did manage to register as 10s-viable, more or less earned their status from their more rewarding status that made a lasting plus, somewhere among memories of the time? So, here are some to notice, as they’re back, already:

  • Silhouettes Show Shoulders Again: Yes, the expanse of public opinion has ranged from irritated ambivalence to utter gagging over those 80s shoulder pads that gave women everywhere the upside-down triangle advantage. Don’t worry–if you still find them over the top, shoulder-padless looks will still be in, too. They do help in visibly narrowing the waistline.
  • The Chunky Heel: Sharply defined stilettos have been the go-to form of fashion footwear a good long while now, and it’s been so long since the fashion world acknowledged the once “it-heel,” the chunky one, that it seemed there would not be a return to any semblance of chunk again. Wrong. Check out the look of skinny jeans paired with these block heels, just for starters.
  • The Shining: No, not the one starring Jack Nicholson, but we’re talking about ensemble fabrics here. Shiny and metallic wear was hot in the disco days and it’s back, with the main difference being that now, shine-wear is not skin tight, but more tailored and even puffy in places, or all over.
  • Justice for Jumpsuits: They’ve taken a lot of wisecracks and guffaws, but these easy one-piece outfits are once again trending, and making forward fashion easier than ever. Change the whole deal depending on the way you accessorize, and shoes–radical theme change by pairing them with low-rise cowgirl boots or 5-inch stilettos.
  • Harem Pants: For survivors of the 80s, MC Hammer performing “You Can’t Touch This” probably comes to mind here, but these pants are super-back, with new fabrics and patterns that rock the 10s!
  • Color Blocking: The angular, geometric color-blocked clothing of the 80s is back, with more of a unified end result, where the colors actually work well together, even if they are bold.

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