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A List Of Items You Can Use As A Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders have been a long time love of beauty bloggers, makeup artists and pretty much any woman that wants to get a flawless finish on her makeup. If you’ve ever used one of the beloved makeup sponges, you’ll quickly realize why they’re so admired and appreciated in the beauty world. While we don’t see beauty blenders going anywhere, there’s been a recent spike in beauty influencers using different items to get the same blended look in their makeup. We decided to share a list of items you can use as a beauty blender because, why not?

Oval Brush
One of the makeup applicators that’s been trending recently in the beauty world is the use of oval brushes. They’re an updated, different take on a traditional brush. Typically the bristles in these brushes are pretty soft and fine in texture. Naturally, the brushes are usually shaped like an oval. They’ve been found to be a great blending applicator that allows users to get a gorgeously blended look to their makeup by using a brush instead of a sponge like the beauty blender.

Silicone Applicator
Beauty blenders really made their mark on the beauty industry, but in the past year silicone makeup applicators have become just as loved and with good reason. These silicone applicators have been found to blend just as beautifully as beauty blenders do, but the plus side is experts stress that the silicone options don’t absorb/waste any of your product like you may find with the beauty blending sponges. They may look a bit odd, but many experts in the industry share that they’re incredibly beneficial to use in the blending process.

Woman using sponge

Sea Sponge
Another item that may surprise you is the sea sponge! But as it turns out, they’re another blending option that can do the same thing a beauty blender does. Sea sponges are available in a range of different sizes and you can cut them to create a smaller size when needed.

Did this one shock you? Recently, quite a few beauty bloggers have been sharing videos of themselves doing their makeup and using a toothbrush to blend out their look. Many share that you’re able to get a very similar, flawlessly blended look like you would using a beauty blender. While sure it makes sense and is somewhat similar to using a brush to blend, many makeup experts are suggesting this isn’t necessarily the best option for a beauty blender alternative. The reason it may not be the best is toothbrush bristles tend to be pretty stiff and can be a bit too rough on the skin. Even when blending your makeup, it’s important to make sure that you’re using tools that are going to be soft and gentle on the skin. If you’re feeling adventurous it may be an option for you to try out, but we wouldn’t recommend making it a daily thing.

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