The Lionesse brand began as a humble beauty bar concept, but it was not long before our unstoppable passion to take skin care to new levels of efficacy enabled us to grow into a leading luxury skin care line. Today, our collections consist of over 100 different products, each of which feature a contemporary, and expertly formulated, take on time-tested ingredients. By fusing together cutting-edge techniques with exquisite botanicals and protective ingredients, our products work in synergy to improve the look and feel of your skin. This combination of science and nature will help you to develop, nurture and maintain beautiful skin for years to come.

The skin care industry is a dynamic one, as it is constantly shifting and evolving. With ongoing research in multiple skin care fields, Lionesse is able to enjoy a birds-eye view over all of the latest trends that make their way into the industry. While some of these may be short-lived fads, there are others that are at the forefront of skin care innovation, with the incredible power to shape the industry’s future. Lionesse wants to share all of this knowledge with you, so that you can stay updated and in-the-know when it comes to the most exciting trends that hit the industry.