Add Interest to Hair Styles With Braided Hair Extensions

Braided hair extensions are one of the fastest, easiest way to a new look and longer hair. Easy for even beginners, Braided extensions provide a new, fresh look for anyone who dares to go longer and maybe even add a few pops of color. They come in various lengths, thicknesses, colors, and styles. From wavy, to straight, to curly, there are many options available and Lionesse Beauty Bar is here to the rescue, as always, with information as to what they are, how to maintain them, and how to get them!


What are Braided Extensions?

Braided extensions are either faux or real hair, depending on what you opt for, which is applied to the underside of your hair to give your hair a  longer, thicker appearance.


How Long do They Last?

It’s said that Braided extensions are supposed to last for three months, possibly more, but at about the 1.5 month mark, you will need to squeeze a maintenance appointment in for tightening of the extensions, and to re-adjust those which may have possibly slid down the hair shaft, and to re-apply any which may have fallen out.


What is the Cost?

Cost varies per salon, per hair type, and for the type of extensions in which you want to get. If you opt for real hair vs. faux hair, you are going to be paying quite a great deal more in cost. Generally, they will cost anywhere from $500-$2,000+ for good quality human hair extensions.


How Long Does it Take to Apply Them?

Depending on the stylist, salon, and your hair type, it can take anywhere from 2 hours – 5 hours. Plan to sacrifice your entire day if necessary when you schedule your appointment.


Can I do Them Myself At Home?

Yes, they do sell these types of bead extension kits at beauty supply stores which may be done at home. It’s not recommended, however, to opt for doing this yourself unless you have full confidence that you know what you are doing, and have a few large mirrors to use.


Are There Any Warnings Regarding Braided Hair Extensions?

You should be aware that the hair surrounding the Braided extension will possibly end up dread-locking and be knotted, and have a very difficult time coming undone. The only thing that can be done to reverse this is to spend quite a lengthy bit of time undoing the knots through brushing and combing, which can eventually lead to hair damage.


How to Care For Braided Extensions?

To keep the extensions smooth and soft, use a good, gentle shampoo that is sulfate free to avoid oil buildup on the extension pieces. Hair washing should be done regularly. Avoid using conditioner around the tops of the extensions at all costs to avoid damaging them. Using a silicone free conditioner mid shaft to the tips is recommended. Co-washing is one of the most highly recommended methods for braided extensions.

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