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All About Enzyme Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a skin care technique that’s suggested for everyone to include in their routine. Regardless of your skin type, you should be exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. Of course, much like all other skin care techniques there’s a variety of different options for exfoliating the skin. While exfoliating is important, it’s much more important to choose a form of exfoliating that’s going to cater to your skin type in the best way. Enzyme exfoliation has become quite popular for this very reason. If you’ve heard about enzyme exfoliation (or not), we’re giving you some details so you know all about enzyme exfoliation to determine whether it may be a technique to try for your skin.

What is Enzyme Exfoliation?
Much like other forms of exfoliation, enzyme exfoliation works to remove a lot of the ‘stuff’ on the surface of our skin that tends to get built up. Our skin’s surface tends to have an excess of dead skin cells, dirt and oil that can prevent our skin care products from fully absorbing and achieving that glowing  skin we all desire. The main difference between enzyme exfoliation and other forms of chemical exfoliation is that enzyme exfoliation is very gentle on the skin, much more gentle than other exfoliation methods. Since it is a much gentler exfoliation technique, enzyme exfoliation is said to help the skin exfoliate in a more natural manner than other more harsh methods.

Who Are The Best Candidates?
As we mentioned above, and often discuss when talking about the importance of exfoliation to skin care practices, choosing an exfoliation method that’s best suited for your skin type is crucial to really making the most of your efforts. That means it’s not enough to just grab any exfoliation product you can find and begin using it, doing a bit of research to find the best option to suit your skin is going to make a huge difference in your skin’s health and overall appearance. That being said, enzyme exfoliation is said to be best on those with skin that’s a bit more sensitive. Generally, if you struggle with breakouts, skin sensitivity when using other exfoliation products, or even hyperpigmentation it’s suggested to try enzyme exfoliation. Another way to determine whether enzyme exfoliation works for you is if you’ve tried other exfoliation products/methods and found that your skin felt very irritated or sensitive after use-that’s a big indication that the other exfoliators were too harsh for your skin.

Fortunately, because enzyme exfoliating products have been gaining a lot of popularity that’s a variety of brands and products now available to try out for your own skin care routine. If nothing else, we hope this shows you that harsh scrub products aren’t the only way to add exfoliating into your skin care routine. If you’ve found that your skin doesn’t feel great after using more traditional scrub exfoliating products it could be worth trying an enzyme exfoliating product to your routine.

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