All Dressed Up on Broadway

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Attending a Broadway show has been a sought after experience for thousands of people for years.  For many visiting New York City, attending the theater is a must-do experience and something many people visit the city to do.  While in general our world has gotten much more casual when it comes to how we dress (and has trickled into the Broadway world, as well), there still are some suggested do’s and don’ts when it comes to your attire and attending a Broadway show.  So that you’re prepared the next time you attend a Broadway show, we’re sharing some of these must-know suggestions.

Go Easy on the Scents
Because you’re going to be around a lot of people, it’s highly suggested you go easy on the fragrances.  This goes for perfumes, after-shave, anything that has a scent to it.  As a general etiquette rule, it’s much more polite to be light in the application of your favorite fragrance so that your scent doesn’t overwhelm or cause any discomfort for those that are sitting next to you in the theater.

Find a Happy Medium
Because the theater (and in general) dress codes have become much more casual, most people don’t dress up as dressy as they did back in the day.  So attending in a very formal gown isn’t necessary (unless you want an excuse to get all fancied-up!).  Instead, it’s suggested that attendees find a happy medium between dressy and casual – kind of like the business casual of the nightlife world.  It’s said men should be in at least a button down shirt and nice pants, and women in something similar.

Go Small on your Handbag
Because you’re attending a show and will have limited space at seating, it’s highly recommended that you opt for a smaller handbag like a clutch or evening type bag.  Bringing your typical daily handbag that’s probably a bit on the bigger side can be a bit difficult to manage and store while you’re watching the show.  It’s best to stick to the smaller option and have more ease when sitting at your seat and not having to lug around a large handbag the whole evening out.

Watch Your Shoes
Many sites suggest being especially cautious of your shoes when attending the theater.  Many reference not attending a Broadway show in sneakers, flip flops, or anything that casual.  Although the theater isn’t quite as dressed up as it once was it’s important not to slip into being too casual and still showing a sign of respect to the theater and the special experience it brings.

While attending a Broadway show it is likely you’ll see a range of attendees dressed from tuxedos to jeans, many Broadway attendees suggest finding a balance between the two.  Because Broadway is still a sought after experience and holds such a great place in history and experience it’s nice to show respect to the theater and entertainers by dressing nicely and not too casual.  But most importantly, make sure whatever you wear is comfortable, makes you feel confident, and have fun!

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