Argan Oil, Manuka Honey And Other Superfoods for Your Skin

Using different natural ingredients and products in your skin care routine is something that many of us are becoming more and more interested in focusing on. The skin care industry has definitely shifted towards focusing on more of the natural based ingredients and products to help consumers get the results from these types of products. You’ve likely heard of superfoods in relation to your health, but there are skin superfoods that have been found to help your skin’s health and appearance tremendously. With so many different natural ingredients and products available we thought we would share some information on argan oil, Manuka honey and other good for your skin superfoods.

Argan oil

Argan Oil
One of the superfoods that’s been exploding in use and popularity is argan oil. Many users have found tremendous benefits from adding argan oil into their skin care routine. It’s not surprising, either since argan oil has some pretty powerful benefits. For starters, argan oil is said to help fight free radicals and signs of aging. Free radicals have been found to take a major toll on our skin from potentially causing cancer to causing your skin to show signs of aging sooner and stronger. In addition to fighting free radicals and signs of aging, argan oil has also been found to help act as an anti-inflammatory for the skin as well as a powerful antioxidant. Both anti-inflammatory and antioxidants play a major role in your skin’s health and preventing/fighting/reversing signs of aging.

Manuka honey

Manuka Honey
If you’re on social media or follow the celeb world, you’ve likely heard of Manuka honey. Kourtney Kardashian is a spokesperson and openly discusses her personal use of this superfood for her skin care. Manuka honey is a true superfood for the skin, so we’re not surprised celebs are on board with it. Between its ability to kill germs and bacteria to super power abilities to reverse signs of aging, the benefits are cause for consideration. Manuka honey has been found to act as an incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory helping with a number of different skin conditions and infections. It’s said to be very soothing on the skin, making it ideal for helping with sensitive skin concerns and even scars. We can’t forget to mention that Manuka honey has also been found to help actually reverse signs of aging like wrinkles in the skin.

bee pollen

Other Superfoods
Between argan oil and Manuka honey, you have some great superfoods to choose from if you’re looking to add superfoods to your skin care routine. But the truth is, there are quite a few other skin superfoods that have been found to work wonders on the skin’s health and appearance. Coconut oil is another powerful superfood for the skin, users finding that it helps with dry skin, fighting signs of aging, among other benefits. Bee pollen is another known skin superfood, which is said to act as a great anti-inflammatory, healing scars, help with fighting allergen effects, as well as powerful antioxidant properties.

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