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At Home Remedies For Sun Burned Skin

We’re going to assume you’ve already spent time enjoying the summer weather this season. The sun shining and warm temperatures are incredible this time of year. While we often discuss the importance of protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, we know that sometimes things happen and you may develop a sunburn. Anytime you get sunburn it’s a situation that leaves you eager for a remedy that helps as quickly as possible. We recently found some old remedies for sun burned skin that you may be surprised REALLY work.

Earl Grey Tea
Yes, you read that correctly! One of the old home remedies that’s been around for quite a long time is using earl grey tea in a bath. If you’ve developed a sun burn on your skin, one of the old home remedies that still rings true to working is turning your bathtub into a large earl grey tea pot. For the best use of this home remedy, it’s suggested to create a cool temperature bath first. Once you’ve filled your bathtub with enough water, pour earl grey tea that you steeped directly into the bath. For even better results, many suggest adding the actual tea bags that you used when creating the tea into the tub. Because of the ingredients that make up earl grey tea, it’s said that using this type of bath on your skin helps to soothe and restore your skin after it’s been damaged from the sun.

Green Tea
Tea has long been known to help with home remedies for treating sun burns, we mentioned earl grey tea and as it turns out green tea has long been known as a helpful assistant in this as well. For this home remedy, you’re going to do the same process as you do with the earl grey in adding the tea directly to the bathwater after it’s been steeped. Again, adding the tea bags to the bath have been found to help give even better effects to the efforts. Green tea has been found to help reduce the damage in skin that develops from sun burns. Additionally, green tea is known to help with inflammation and it’s common to experience some inflammation in the skin when you’ve developed sunburn.

Aloe Vera
Chances are you’ve heard about using aloe vera for various different struggles related to the skin as well as internal health. Aloe vera is definitely a wonder of a plant, assisting with countless different problems in the body. To top it off, aloe vera is one of the old home remedies that still holds its power for treating sunburn. Because aloe vera (or aloe vera gel) has such a powerful and gentle soothing effect, it’s often thought to be ideal with the treatment of sunburn. It’s gentle enough where it won’t cause discomfort on the skin, but provides a cooling and soothing impact on the skin’s surface when it’s quite stressed and damaged from the sunburn.

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