Athletes Show Us How To Look Girly With Muscles

Leonard Zhukovsky /

Leonard Zhukovsky /

Since the Summer Olympics began this year there have been some interesting posts floating around social media.  There was a lot of chatter about the female athletes and their appearance, some negative some positive.  Unfortunately, there’s been quite a bit of backlash on female athletes and not looking ‘girly’ or feminine enough when they have a significant amount of muscles.  While we believe every woman is beautiful, and athletes are incredible beings, we also know that women want to feel and look girly in their own way.  Luckily, there are some pretty awesome female athletes that are showing us how to look girly with muscles – it’s not just for the guys!

Serena Williams is an athlete that has definitely had her fair share of negative comments on her body and not being feminine ‘enough.’  Quite a few of the USA Olympic gymnasts had some haters, too.  But it’s great to see that these women are taking a stand and really showing us all that their bodies are amazing and feminine in their own way.  There was a recent article by popular blogger, Man Repeller, and she wrote about the buzz around Serena Williams and her body in relationship to looking girly.  If you have a chance, we highly recommend looking it up.  Looking girly with muscles really comes down to feeling beautiful and accepting your body for what it is.  Athletes are pretty kick-butt people who work insanely hard to craft their sport, and they NEED strong muscles to compete at such a high level.  Acceptance is key.

There’s been this whole thing around a woman being too thin, too big, and now too muscular.  The pressures are pretty intense but when you learn to accept yourself and your body for what it is and what it’s capable of you begin to think and worry less about what others are saying.  Athletes like Serena Williams and the Olympic gymnasts are showing us all how to look girly with their muscles by simply showing us that they embrace and accept their muscles and bodies as they are.  So many of them are now actually sharing their opinions of their own bodies and continue to share that they appreciate their bodies and body type.  To think…a woman can be proud and happy with her body – imagine that!  In all seriousness it’s much easier said than done, but simply seeing a woman that is confident and content within her body is pretty dang girly and admirable if you ask us.  We all tend to complicate things, but standing in your own is girly.  Just because you have muscles doesn’t mean you can’t do girly things, look at how great the athletes look when they get dressed in everyday clothes.

Truthfully, it’s up to each and every one of us to decide what our own version of girly or feminine even means.  Instead of letting society tell us what it is – embracing and accepting yourself is pretty awesome!

What do you think about the buzz around female athletes and their muscles?


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