Ballet Beauty

Beautiful woman in a ballet

There’s something so timelessly beautiful about ballerina’s beauty and style.  Whether it’s their classic buns or elegantly dramatic stage makeup, it seems to be so stunning.  Ballerinas have always been known for their grace and elegance, so it’s natural their beauty and style continue that attribute of their craft.  After all, your style is a representation of who you are and what you do.  It seems ballerinas have maintained a lot of consistency in their looks over the years, too.  Since ballerinas have such a uniquely stunning beauty to them, we thought we would share some of our favorite ways that they embrace ballet beauty.

Stage Makeup
In addition to the classic ballet bun, ballerinas tend to be quite classic in their stage makeup.  Looking through online searches of ballerina stage makeup, you’ll see a lot of cat-eye and winged liner looks.  Ironic?  Another trend that’s swept the mainstream by storm, but has been used in the ballerina world for years.  Many of the photos show the ballerinas with makeup that’s dramatic yet timeless.

A common theme among ballet beauty is that they tend to gravitate towards things that are dramatic and have a certain wow factor – but continue to remain timeless.  Which is certainly not an easy thing to achieve, especially in the beauty world, this is probably why ballerinas always seem so effortlessly classic but stunning.  They embrace little touches of drama, without letting those things overpower their natural beauty.  It’s really no wonder the rest of the world is taking notes from the ballerinas and their go-to beauty tricks.  They’re timeless, seemingly effortless and easy to achieve!  However, the ultimate unique aspect of ballerina beauty is the fact that they actually keep things pretty simple, continuing to allow and celebrate the woman’s unique beauty.  There’s something to be said about keeping things simple, especially as they relate to beauty.  We’ve gotten so consumed by the contour-and-highlight phenomenon that we forget how powerful it is to celebrate our own beauty.

Balerina bun hairstyle

The Ballerina Bun
Nothing says ballerinas like the classic bun, does it?  Other than the ballerina slippers, that is.  While the classic, streamlined bun isn’t difficult to achieve it’s always a gorgeous look.  Many celebrities have taken inspiration from ballerinas and incorporated the slicked back bun hairstyle on the red carpet – which is probably where some of the inspiration came from on the top knot trend.  Buns aren’t new to ballerinas, but it’s fun to see that a classic style to the ballet world has trickled into the rest of society.  The classic ballerina bun is always such a gorgeous way to embrace a woman’s natural beauty.  Taking all the hair and slicking it back into a bun, letting your entire face show – talk about embracing your own beauty!

What do you think of the ballet beauty?  Will you be incorporating any attributes of their go-to beauty trends?

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