Beauty Rebel Profile: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is, as everyone in the world knows, one of those superstar actresses that just does whatever she wants, however she wants, whenever she wants. She is a free spirit who bares exceptional natural beauty. Today, Lionesse would like to highlight her stand on beauty with this beauty rebel profile on the gorgeous Angelina Jolie.

When it comes to fashion, Angelina’s got that in the bag. Her favorite style seems to be jeans and anything, paired with a pair of boots. She loves wearing the color black, no matter the occasion. She also loves the color grey. She isn’t much of a fashionista when it comes to being trendy, that’s for sure – but she looks stunning no matter what she wears. She rocks it and makes it her own. When it comes to red carpet events, she always looks classy in long, flowy gowns and beautiful shoes to showcase her thin frame.

Angelina, since the time she was a little girl, has been exquisitely beautiful. Known for her notorious plump lips and her high, prominent cheekbones, she had the face of a model since the time she was small. She accentuates her beautiful pout in natural themed lip colors more often than not, wearing shades such as nude and glossy looks to compliment her already perfect pout. Her cheekbones are often times contoured with a bit of bronzer, and she never looks dull. She likes to keep her skin radiant and glowing – and we never see her with a blemish on her perfectly porcelain face. Her eyes are usually done up in a brown to tan eyeshadow, or something bronze, to accent her perfect sparkling blue eyes. She can also usually be seen wearing a perfect cat eye. She will occasionally be seen with a bold, bright red lip for special occasions, but it’s not an everyday look for her. There are many days where she likes to go makeup-free and just be natural in her radiant skin. With as gorgeous as she is, she doesn’t even need the products to look superb.

Angelina typically loves to wear her hair long and straight, or with slight glamour waves. She isn’t too concerned with extravagant styles, and has throughout the years kept her hairstyle virtually the same. We have only once seen her with a shortened style, only a couple of hair color changes, and never with anything crazy or wild. She likes to stay natural – and she looks fabulous that way. Her hair is typically a medium brown hue, although we have seen her with black hair, dark brown hair, lightened hair, and highlighted hair. When she wears updo styles, she likes to opt for something big and curled, never boring and bland. Her personality may have something to do with this!

Angelina is a definite beauty rebel because she incorporates herself into her style and her look, and doesn’t fall into the current trends or traps of the beauty world. She makes her own style, and looks incredible every time.

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