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Beauty Revolutions of Today’s Hottest Stars

It’s likely that even if you don’t necessarily follow celebrity gossip sites, you have an idea of the celebs that are at the peeks of their careers right now.  The fun thing about celebrities is they have a team of professionals to really help them evolve their style and beauty looks as they want.  Some of our favorite celebs have really taken that seriously and gone through some pretty drastic beauty revolutions throughout their careers.  With the award season well under way, it seemed like the perfect time to chat about some of the beauty revolutions of today’s hottest stars.

Miley Cyrus
Miley has really transformed her beauty look quite a few times throughout her career.  When she first came onto the Hollywood scene she was all about the Disney, wholesome look.  Shortly after she began to experiment with some edgier hairstyles and makeup looks.   In 2012, she really transformed her look by cutting off her famous long locks and opting for edgy, much shorter styles.  She’s was stepping out in statement-making beauty looks for a few years but recently she’s started to opt for more natural looks, similar to her looks when she first came onto the scene.  Talk about a revolution!

Miley Cyrus

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Khloe Kardashian
When the Kardashian family first came to our television screens, Khloe was known as the opinionated sister.  She kept her hair dark, and wore dark clothes for quite a while during the first few seasons of the show and outside of the show.  However, when Khloe went through a tough divorce she came out with a totally different beauty look.  Between completely transforming her body to having blonde hair (and everything in between), Khloe has definitely stepped out of the shadows and into her own since going through her own beauty revolution recently.

Nicole Richie
You probably remember Nicole Richie when she made waves on the reality tv circuit with BFF, Paris Hilton.  When we first saw Nicole she was all about the accessories, different color hair extensions, long hair and colorful looks – she was pretty much everything that the early 2000’s fashion was.  However, Nicole has since really streamlined her look to still show her colorful personality (she still loves to rock different color hair) through her beauty looks, but has found a way to do so in a sophisticated, grown up kind of way.  Another star that keeps us guessing, but always has a way to make a statement.


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Another celeb that stepped onto the music scene with a more wholesome type of look.  Rihanna made her appearance to the world with her music with that gorgeous blonde hair, minimal makeup and island-chic beauty vibes.  Ever since we’ve first been graced with Rihanna in the world, she’s kept us guessing with her beauty looks.  She’s changed and transformed her look quite a few times.  Going from long hair and natural makeup to short and edgy…to pretty much everything in between.  We love Rihanna for the fact that she keeps things interesting, but looks gorgeous always.

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