Beauty Trends Happening Now

Beauty trends come and go so fast that it’s hard to keep track of what’s in style and what’s already faded away. From your outfit to your hair and makeup, let’s take a look at what’s hot right now.

Woman with a ponytail.

Hair DO!
Let’s start from the top and work our way down. One hairstyle that has been appearing over and over again this season is the ponytail. Not just your averages ponytail either, but nearly every style of ponytail you can imagine. Side ponytails, messy ponytails, ponytails with brooches… you get the idea. One common trend with all of the ponytails we’re seeing is that they’re all really low profile. This adds a touch of sophistication to the ponytail instead of the teeny bopper look sometimes associated with it. Also back in a big way is the side part. The French twist is seeing some action too, but now it’s a looser, more laid-back twist, and is sometimes being accentuated with a brooch or pin to accessorize. The wavy hair look that was popular last spring hasn’t faded yet, and is ready to stick around for the fall.

Woman with pink lips.

Retro Trending
This season’s makeup trends are going retro, but not too retro, just back to the 90’s. Hot pink, blood red, and fuchsia are some of the hottest colors right now, and you might just have some hiding in your makeup case if you were wearing makeup 25 years ago. Other trendy lip colors for this season are brick red, cherry-blossom pink, burnt sienna, cocoa, plum, and beige. And if those aren’t 90’s enough for you, lip gloss has also made a comeback. If you haven’t worn it since middle school, now is the time to revisit this shiny look while it’s still in style.

Woman with smokey eyes.

More Fads That Aren’t Likely to Fade
Other makeup trends right now include the smoky eye look, cat-like eyeshadow, or long-tailed eye liner. For nail polish, classic fall colors include red wine, dark purples, mauve, nude, and, of course, the colors of fall like deep oranges and yellows.

Some accessories that are hot right now are striped scarves, large leather tote bags or satchels. If you’re more of a small bag fan, boxy clutches or handbags are also very in right now. As mentioned above, brooches have been seen everywhere this season. These simple pins can be worn on your clothes or in your hair, and can provide just enough flair to really make the dull colors of fall clothing pop.

Closet Couture
For your wardrobe, you want to think about layers and fall colors. Simply tone down the bright palette of your summer wardrobe for more muted colors to match the season. Over-sized sweaters, jean jackets, and working boots are all in right now and not only look great, but will keep you warm as well.

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