Bohemian Hairstyles

The Boho Look

There are few hairstyles that can look as timeless and beautiful as a Bohemian hairstyle. These styles are classy, feminine, and fun – and super easy to achieve for the most part. Boho style seems to take the natural beauty of the hair, add in small accessories or incorporate natural waves or small braids. Below, Lionesse will detail some of the most popular Bohemian hairstyles so that you can be Boho chic in no time.

The Big Full Loose Side Braid Hairstyle

Big, Full Loose Side Braid
Fashioning your hair into a big, thick braid on either side of your head and allowing pieces to fall where they may is a great Bohemian hairstyleb that can be perfected further by adding in a headband around the head, or a large natural colored flower hair accessory.

Small, Thin Braids.

Small, Thin Braids
Creating small, thin braids in the front of your hair and pinning them behind your ear is one of the best ways to get boho chic. One, two, or three small three strand braids look great with soft waves.

Straight and Flowy Hairstyle.

Straight and Flowy
Straightened, sleek hair looks great for a Boho style and can be worn with hair accessories like headbands wrapped around the head, or simply worn alone.

Braids and Curls Hairstyle.

Braids and Curls
Medium three strand braids can be elaborately fashioned across the head, and curls can be incorporated to give an elegant Bohemian look. Pile them on top of the head with bobby pins and you’ll look totally Boho chic in a flash.

Braids as Headbands

Braids As Headbands
Use your own hair to create a head wrap or headband at the front of your forehead rather than wearing a headwrap, headband, or a faux braid headband. Pin it behind your other hair for a cute, summery style.

Woman with beachy waves.

Beachy Waves
Beachy waves are always super in style when it comes to summer, but they are even more in style when it comes to Bohemian hair. Beachy waves can be achieved by using a sea salt spray and the scrunching method, or you could use a hair wand, hair curler, or even your flat iron to create a waved style. A flower crown would really set this style off.

The Twisted Braid.

Rather than the typical braids found in Boho style, you could sport some two strand twists around the sides of your head and pin them back.

The Crown Braid Hairstyle

Crown Braids
Creating two thick braids as if you were creating a pigtail style and pinning them around the back of your head in a loose fashion is another great Boho look.

Messy and Braided Hairstyle.

Messy and Braided
If you have long hair, the messy bed head look is super in – and what better way to rock it than in a Bohemian style? The messy and braided style of the Bohemian look will give you the perfect way to look your best in your day. Add a few braids in there and pin them back or up however you like.

No matter how you wear your braids or waves, these are always surefire ways to get the Bohemian look everyone so desires – and you will feel like a million bucks with your stylish style, no matter how quick it is to achieve.