Boho Style Tips

Boho style is the hottest trend around right now, and it’s no wonder – it’s feminine, flirty, and fun. When it comes to Bohemian style, whether its hair, shoes, or fashion, the style is all about being flowy and beautiful. Today, Lionesse presents to you some Boho style tips destined to turn you into a Boho goddess in no time – so enjoy these, and be sure to put them into practice.

Woman wearing a flowy dress in a beach.

Dress Flowy
Flowy dresses, long skirts, and braided belts are very boho chic, and will definitely amp up your boho look. White and cream colors are generally a safe bet when it comes to boho, as are any natural based colors such as brown, tan, and blues such as grey blue, teal, and sky blue. Any combination of those colors together works beautifully for boho. Paisley shirts, tank tops, and roomy shirts are always a safe bet. Fringe denim shorts look amazing with boho style, as do light colored linen shorts. Think hippie style, and build off of that. Boho usually pertains to dresses, skirts, and shorts – not necessarily jeans, but you can make it work if you do it right.

Woman wearing a boho necklace.

Accessories for the boho style can range from long necklaces, to beaded necklaces and bracelets, to large rings with jewel embellishments, or hair accessories such as headbands, head wraps, aviator sunglasses, bangle bracelets, and more. Anything hippie styled works well. This look is all about creating something natural looking while looking exquisite and stunning. Accessories can be mixed and matched, for instance – a long necklace paired with a short necklace. Or, you could even opt for a suede or leather tie necklace with feathers and or beads, and pair that with some long feathered earrings and gold bracelets layered up the arm. Use your imagination to make this look come to life. Accessories are one of the most important aspects of the boho chic look.

Woman wearing natural makeup. Boho style.

Makeup for the boho look should be kept natural yet beautiful. Bronzed skin looks fabulous with a boho style, so be sure to use your favorite bronzer for a tan glow. Lips should be nude or glossy, and eyes should be lightly lined with brown or black liner. Shimmery neutral eyeshadows work beautifully, as do light brown hues and mauve hues. Blush should be light and pink to pink brown, and should be focused on the apples of the cheeks.

Woman with a chic boho hairstyle.

Hairstyles should be wavy, braided, or both. Waves and small pinned back braids are totally boho. You can also wear a wavy style with hair accessories such as headbands and floral accents such as flower crowns.

Boho skirt and sandals.

Shoes should be flat, such as sandals, in neutral colors. Browns, creams, tans, leather and suede are always a safe bet. Floral patterned shoes are sometimes acceptable as a boho style as well. You want the main focal point of your outfit to be on the center, such as the skirt and shirt area, as well as your accessories. The shoes are just an added accessory.

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