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Bronzer Tips and Tricks

As summer gets closer and closer, we tend to all seek out that gorgeously bronzed skin. Of course, now that we all know it’s not healthy for our skin to achieve that bronzy glow from the actual sun so bronzing makeup products are the answer! With so many makeup tutorials floating around the internet it can be a bit overwhelming, especially as we see tutorials getting more and more advanced (ok, and we don’t necessarily want to use shoes to put our makeup on like some of these tutorials). We’re all about keeping things as easy and realistic as possible, so we’ve gathered up a few of our favorite bronzer tips and tricks to share with you. Happy bronzing!

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Where to Apply
We know it can be tempting to feel as though applying bronzing products ALL over your face is going to give you that gorgeous bronzy glow. But the truth is, that’s not the case! Bronzing products look best when they’re applied to the areas of the face that the sun naturally hits. Think about the areas of your face that tend to be exposed the most to the sun. These areas are going to be your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and nose. Because those are the areas that are hit by the sun naturally, applying bronzer to those areas is going to give you that healthy, natural bronzy glow.

Mix Different Finishes
Typically, most women fall into two categories of bronzers that they wear either matte or shimmer finishes. But what about mixing the two?! Applying matte bronzer products to the areas described above is a great way to get a natural glow and add a bit of contouring effect to your look. Topping the matte bronzing application off by applying a bit of shimmer finish bronzer to the tops of your cheekbones can tie your look together and add just enough of a glow without being too sparkly. The combination of finishes really helps to create a cohesive look and add more depth to your overall bronzer application.

Shade palette

Use the Right Shade
Just like with any other makeup product, using the right shade for you is crucial to making sure that you reap the benefits from the application. Most women tend to use bronzing products that are too dark for them, when truthfully you should only be using a shade of bronzer that’s about 2 shades darker than your natural skin color. This helps to give you a natural glow, using a color that’s much darker than that can be difficult to blend into your makeup to look natural.

Don’t Forget Other Areas
So often when applying bronzer we only think about applying it to our face. But bringing the bronzing product to your jawline, neck and chest (back of neck if you’re wearing your hair up) is important as well. This helps to create a more cohesive makeup look and prevent a lot of harsh lines and color changes in your skin’s appearance overall.

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