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Calming Your Skin Care Obsession

We all spend quite a bit of time taking care of ourselves with our beauty and skin care routines. It’s a great thing to take pride in your skin care routine. Since our skin care routine does have a massive impact on our skin’s health, we’re all about it! But the downside can be developing a bit of an obsession with skin care. It’s not uncommon to begin to feel obsessive about trying new products, and taking your routine to the next level. Like anything else in life, it’s all about finding a healthy balance. If you’ve been experiencing a more obsessive state of mind about your skin care routine you’re in the perfect place, because we know this isn’t uncommon we found a few ways to help with calming your skincare obsession.

Clean Out Your Products
If you’re experiencing that skin care obsession, chances are you have a lot of skin care products on hands at all time. It’s likely you have quite a few products that you’re not even using, and may have never used. To help give yourself some calming effect to that skin care obsession you have, it’s time to face the collection head on and actually clean out your skin care collection. We know it can be difficult to really do, because you love your skin care collection. But clearing out the clutter will help you to have a much more realistic vision for your skin care routine and get rid of some of the noise surrounded around skin care for you. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year, toss out those products that never really worked, and make sure to eliminate anything that’s expired (if you’re not sure, it’s probably time to get rid of it).

Refrain From Buying Anything New For a While
Do you tend to buy a lot of new skin care products on a consistent basis? We’ve noticed that people who develop an obsession with skin care tend to buy, buy, buy when it comes to new brands or products related to skin care that they come across. But since you’re going to be going through your current collection and eliminate a lot of things (right?), it’s going to be important that you don’t start adding new things in right away. In fact, make a promise to yourself that you’re not going to buy anything new (skin care related) until you actually need to. This is going to help avoid getting in that cycle of having a lot of everything around and adding to that obsessive state. Instead, when you buy things as you need them it will help you keep a more realistic approach to your routine.

Give Yourself a Break
One of the reasons people tend to become obsessed with skin care is because we all want to look and feel our best in our skin. Give yourself a break, try to appreciate who and what you are right now. And remember that obsessing over your skin care routine isn’t going to make things happen any quicker.

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