Cancer Beauty Trends

Beauty trends are always reinventing themselves, what with new trends on a daily basis it seems. When it comes to beauty for the Cancer sign, that’s no exception – except where astrology is involved. Sometimes, certain aspects may hang around for a longer period of time, based upon planetary alignment. Lionesse has uncovered some of the biggest beauty trends right now for you, cancer, and as we are focusing on your sign all week, we wanted to provide you with some of these current beauty trends. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Woman exercising in a gym

Did you know that staying active and fit is one of the top ways to keep control of your skin? Having beautiful skin should be on the top of your priority list – and with Saturn in your health house for the next 3 years it’s a safe bet that you should be wanting to head to the gym or get outside for a walk now that summer has arrived more frequently.

Bronzer is a great addition to your beauty regimen currently, Cancer, so be sure to implement a good bronzer to your gorgeous, standout cheekbones and across your nose and forehead. Don’t overdo it, though – you will want your face to look natural and glowing, not overdone.

Woman wearing stylish jewelry.

Your jewelry choices this season are going to be a major factor in your overall look – and we think you’re gonna love these trends. Mood rings are back – and they’re your accessory piece this season, Cancer! Rock one, or two – one on each hand – and pair it with a gorgeous pair of diamond or moon and star earrings for the perfect complimentary pieces to any outfit.

Orange and Sea Foam Green Eyeshadows
Orange accents to the eyes are your color right now, cancer, so wear it proudly. Only use it sparingly to add pops of color and definition to the eye – never coat your entire eyelid in a full on orange hue. Use in conjunction with a sea foam green eyeshadow, or even a pale green powder, or use each color alone.

Woman with natural makeup

Nude or Berry Lips
Nude and berry hues belong to you right now, so wear them until you can’t wear them anymore. Pair each with a lip liner in conjunction with the lip color, or you can even opt to wear the lip liner coating the lips alone. Dab on some shimmery metallic colored gloss, and you’ll be summer ready with your gorgeous lips in no time.

Cleansing & Moisturizing
Cleansing and moisturizing your skin is important for you, cancer, as you tend to have sensitive skin – and with that, comes skin care maladies such as acne. To avoid this, cleanse properly using a sensitive skin facial cleanser twice per day – morning and night – and pair the cleanser with a great day and night moisturizer meant for sensitive skin.

Woman with a pink blush and berry lips wearing a garland of flowers

Pink Blush
Pink blush is up your alley currently, so be sure to utilize a little. Opt for a light pink hue, dusting it on the apples of the cheeks lightly. Again, as with the bronzer, we don’t want to overdo it – but we do want to add a bit of color to the cheeks whenever possible.

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