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Celebrate Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are typically something that women try to avoid, and stress about pretty regularly. Sound like you? Let’s be honest, most of us have worried about getting stretch marks or having them. But what if you learned how to celebrate your stretch marks? Recently, rapper Kendrick Lamar released a song and music video that includes stretch marks and the appreciation for natural beauty (and stretch marks!). It’s a music video that’s made a pretty big impact on those who have watched it, since it’s so different than what we typically see in music videos. It got us thinking… why can’t you celebrate your stretch marks?

The past year has been full of so much in social media, the news and body image. We’ve seen an increase in women posting pictures without any makeup #nomakeup, and sharing unedited pictures of themselves showing their stretch marks and “flaws.” In a society that’s been so focused on perfection and using editing tools to create the ‘perfect’ image, it’s refreshing to see so many influencers and celebrities really working on celebrating natural beauty. We all put so much pressure on ourselves, but at the end of the day we’re all human beings.

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While many of the influencers who have been sharing a message of really celebrating your stretch marks and natural beauty, most of them have been women. To be honest, when we heard and saw that Kendrick Lamar–a male rapper–was using his music platform in a way to bring body positivity and natural beauty appreciation to the forefront we were pretty impressed. Stretch marks have long been something that women have felt pretty negatively about, doing what they can to hide them and even feeling ashamed of them. But why continue that way?

We want to encourage you to celebrate your stretch marks. As difficult as it can be to switch that mindset around stretch marks, understanding that we’re all human beings and stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of is a pretty powerful place to start. The summer season is quickly approaching and that can often be stressful for women as shorts and things become the norm in your everyday wardrobe. As we make our way into the summer season, we want to encourage you to shift your mindset around your stretch marks and instead of focusing on the negative think about all the amazing features you have that make you…you.

Many experts stress the validity in focusing on the positive as a powerful way to shift your mindset and confidence as a whole. The next time you catch yourself feeling something negative about your body, especially stretch marks, stop yourself an think/tell yourself the positive things. Chances are the more you do that, the easier it will get to get to a place to celebrate your stretch marks. It’s not something that’s going to likely happen overnight, but the more you work on the positive mindset switch the closer you’ll get to being in a place of celebration.

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