Celebs that Inspire Our Greek Goddess Obsession

The Greek goddesses were paragons of beauty. They have been celebrated in poetry and literature and immortalized in painting and sculpture. Getting even a bit of their look will make you feel like a goddess yourself.

As always, celebrities have paved the way to show us what the look can do for mere mortals – sporting the historical Greek fashions with modern updates. Here are a few of the top celebrities that have inspired our Greek goddess obsession:

Blake Lively dressed like a Greek goddess

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Blake Lively
She may look more like a Golden Goddess, but this actress channeled her inner Aphrodite when she was playing Serena Van der Woodsen on “Gossip Girl.” Her beautiful golden locks were pulled back into a loose chignon, flowing with curls, and a subtle braid was wrapped around it. Silver hair band were woven through her hair, and she wore a flowing chiffon gown. This memorable look was no doubt a throwback to the sirens who came before her!

Taylor Swift looking like a Greek goddess

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Taylor Swift
Swiftie provided us with a modern take on the Greek look. At the Grammy Awards, her hair was pulled into a low bun, accented with braids and a braided headband. Her dress was flowing chiffon, but it had a more tailored cut and was accented with glittering, silver straps at the neckline, torso and waist. Not only does she embody the waif-esque yet powerful confidence that the sirens before her exuded, but Taylor has facial features that beckon “look at me!”. A whimsical, laid back attitude is her overall outlook and it truly comes through in what she wears and how she appears on camera.

Megan Fox looking like a Greek goddess

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Megan Fox
The sultry actress is more like a siren than a goddess. She was spotted in a Grecian-inspired gown at a red carpet event. The gown was like a toga with a modern twist. It wrapped at the shoulder, leaving the other shoulder bare, and it was wrapped with a low belt at the hips. Though the gown itself didn’t have many details, it still managed to look form-fitting and sexy. A “bad girl” at heart, Megan has the body to back it up – just as the sirens of old were known for. The trouble that the fore mentioned goddesses would get into, would no doubt be the route that this bombshell would have gotten into as well!

Beyonce dressed like a Greek goddess

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The loose fit gold fabric in toga-like form that Beyonce donned years ago, secured her spot in all-time best Greek goddess styles. With a body that was made to wear form fitted gowns, Beyonce has time and again been drawn to this fashion trend. With hair pulled halfway back and curls draping down her shoulders, this modern day siren made history yet again in a modern twist on an ancient fad.

Which of these Greek goddess looks would you most like to emulate? Do you prefer the classic look or something with a more modern twist? Tell us who wore the Greek goddess style best!

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