Chic Spring Style: Sunglass and Lip Color Combos

Sunglass and Lip Color Combos


When it comes to choosing a hot pair of sunglasses and pairing them with a beautiful lip color that complements the color scheme you are going for, nobody knows how to do this better than Lionesse. Join us as we take a look at how to pair the perfect sunglass look with the perfect lip color – and how you can do it, too. Before you know it, you’ll look like a superstar!

Caramel Colored Glasses + Various Lip Colors
Tannish brown and red hues go perfect together – and they are perfect for summoning that go-to 70’s inspired look that’s been gaining increasing popularity at lightning speed. Opt for a style that’s all you in terms of the glasses frames, shape, and size, and pair it with any red shade you can pull off with your particular skin tone. Light to fair skin can generally wear deep, rich reds, while those with a medium skin tone should opt for an orangey red – although, some rich reds work well, depending on your undertones. Those with darker skin can opt for deep, rich reds or reds with pink tones to make their lips pop. You could also completely change the look of this particular look and go a completely different route with it by opting for a neutral lip color like nude or tan – that is, if you are going for the classy look. If you want to kick the color and dramatic effect of the lips into high gear, pair your tan or brown frames with a bright color, like violet or a bright pink hue.

Black Sunglasses & Fuchsia Lip Color
Pair some cool, geometric inspired sunglasses with black frames and dark blue lenses with a fuchsia lip color for something that speaks volumes. This look is great for a night out, or even during the daytime if you are headed out for a day of shopping. If the geometric look is too much for you, why not opt for something more along the lines of a circular shaped pair of glasses, like the Guess GU7022 frames and lenses, which look classy, girly and chic.

Gold Sunglasses & Coral Pink Lips
What says summer like a pair of gold rimmed sunglasses and coral pink lips? Not too much, in our opinion! Pair your favorite glasses, like the ones from Tory Burch, which incorporate golden tones with black accents. These are sure to be a hit, and will go with pretty much anything. Choose any coral pink lip color you like – but we recommend Runway Coral from Clinique to give you that vibrant, silky look you crave with a shade that will last for hours. Tip: Dust some translucent powder over the applied lip color and blot with a tissue for a color that lasts all day.

Light Pink Rimmed Glasses with Hot Pink Lip Color
This look screams girly-girl, and looks absolutely spring and summer worthy! Pair this look with any cute sun dress you want, or a pair of your favorite fringed out denim shorts and a cute tank, and you’ll look like the hottest chick on the block. Hot pink lip color contrasts well with the light pink frame of the glasses, and adds just the right touch of color in all the right places. This look would look fabulous on any skin tone.

Black & White Sunglasses with Deep Red Lips
If you are in the mood for something that really pops and makes a statement, opt for something like a white and black framed sunny with a beautiful, bright red lip to contrast. This is for the more bold, artsy type of lady and looks stunning on any skin tone. Try these beauties on for size – available from Miu Miu, these marbled look glasses are sure to catch some glances. Pair this sunny with a fresh, bursting red lip such as this Raw Silence from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

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