Choosing the Right Foundation Color

Woman choosing foundation color

If there were as many skin types and shades as there are types and shades of foundation, the world would be in a mess of trouble. In fact, no one cosmetics company could offer any appreciable variety and manage to stay afloat. In choosing foundation colors, most foundations are a lot more forgiving in either direction, in terms of offering a suitable “fit” or match for skin tones within the vicinity of the foundation’s precise shade formulation. Now, in consideration of a fairly long list of skin types, finding the right makeup foundation becomes a bit daunting for the average consumer, and downright frightening for many others. Navigating your way through a vast sea of cosmetics to come away having the ideal shade and formulation is every makeup-wearing woman’s dream shopping experience. What makes this seem even more unattainable is the extensive number of new brands to hit the market, along with the always changing choices offered by existing brands.

Foundation Matching In a Perfect world
Each cosmetics company and dedicated cosmetics store offers their own formula for shoppers to use that claim to enable the perfect pairing of skin (type, condition and shade) with the ideal foundation product. All do a fair job, but in an ideal world, there would be a highly educated makeup matchup professional available at every store that sold cosmetics who would undeniably outfit every customer with the ability to thereafter always put her best face forward. Among other important issues with buying foundation are seasonal changes to our skin condition and color and the effects that aging produces. Dietary changes can influence skin in every way, too.

Going it On Your Own
Experts advise that, without the wise counsel of an all-knowing store rep, facing the task head-on doesn’t have to wind up in a fail, as long as you identify your skin type, its condition and what feels best to you. The rest is all color-matching, which brings to mind something that every woman needs to know right now: This is also the absolute greatest reason to shop the mall and big box cosmetic retailers instead of the drug stores–Any cosmetics purveyor worth their salt will, upon your (or any other customer’s) request, furnish you with the sample(s) of your choice to take or wear home. Now, this is no license to go hog wild or anything, but asking for two or three is certainly reasonable.

Stand up for Your Reasonable Rights as a Consumer!
If your request is denied, promptly ask to speak to the manager, and if the manager displays a similar attitude, run, don’t walk out of that store, and call the manufacturer(s) ASAP, and if at all possible, find another source for your makeup. With a sample, you can get the best sense of how a foundation interacts with your skin and your lifestyle. And it’s not rocket science to make the connection between the sample provider and a long-time satisfied customer–produced by the salesperson’s willingness to help out in what is truly the best way to find your best match. And, in the meantime, they say that you should try to match your foundation shade with the shade of your chest.

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