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Climatotherapy: Vacation for Skin Problems

Taking a vacation sounds pretty great right about now, doesn’t it? We sure think so! Of course, a vacation always sounds pretty incredible. Today we’re talking about taking a vacation for your skin. yes, we said your skin. While taking a vacation always works wonders for our mental state of mind, if you’ve been struggling with some skin issues that won’t seem to get any better it could mean you need a vacation for your skin. This has been a growing trend, too. We’re giving you some details about this to see if it’s something you want to consider for yourself. Climatotheraphy: vacation for the skin.

If you’re not familiar with the term climatotheraphy it’s essentially a treatment where an individual temporarily goes to a different climate to treat a particular medical concern. With skin issues and diseases on the rise, climatotheraphy has been a growing form of treatment for quite a few skin issues. If you live in a climate that tends to cause your skin to become even more irritated with any condition you suffer from, climatotheraphy is thought to have a positive effect on the skin. In essence, it gives you skin a break and a chance to heal from any issues you’ve been struggling with skin related. This is why it’s also referred to as a vacation for the skin-because that’s really what it is!

This typically isn’t a form of treatment that’s used right off the bat when struggling with a skin concern, but rather after exhausting other treatment methods. Climatotheraphy has been found as a positive form of treatment for those that suffer from psoriasis and similar skin conditions. There are a few areas around the world that are said to be some of the most ideal places to experience vacation for the skin, or climatotheraphy. The Dead Sea is the most commonly referenced location for climatotheraphy because of its ideal climate.

It’s believed that going to a location that has a very balanced (so to speak) climate allows the skin to obtain a great deal of oxygen and mineral benefits that give healing to particular skin conditions in ways that we’re not able to obtain in other climates. The experiences of those that have participated in climatotheraphy have been very positive, with good reason. If you think about how refreshed you feel emotionally and mentally after taking a break and heading on vacation, it makes sense that our skin is able to obtain positive results when we head to a climate that provides a similar experience.

Of course, there’s a lot more to be discovered with climatotheraphy but if you’ve been suffering from severe skin conditions  for quite a significant amount of time without much relief it could be worth talking to your medical professional about. This isn’t something that’s the best fit for everyone, but finding out more about the process from your medical professional could give you more insight as to whether it’s something to consider for your skin.

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