Colors To Boost Your Confidence

Every morning as you get dressed, it’s not likely you’re thinking about the psychology of the colors you choose to wear.  If you are – kudos to you!  If you’re not, it’s quite alright this isn’t a topic that’s often discussed or taught so how would you KNOW?  There are color experts all over the world that have continuously studied color, the psychology of color, and how different colors make us FEEL.  You’ve probably noticed at some point in your life that wearing certain colors make you feel better than others.  We’re going to give you a little lesson on colors to boost confidence, because we could all use a little extra confidence boost and what better way than to wear a color to help us out!

Woman in yellow cardigan
Odds are when you think of the color yellow, you think of sunshine and happiness, you’re not alone in that!  Yellow has also been found to be a color that brings optimism and confidence to those that wear it.  It’s a color that’s highly suggested to be worn if you’re looking to boost your confidence.  The catch is you don’t want to wear a yellow that’s TOO overpowering as it can be a bit harsh and difficult to wear in a way that’s flattering to the wearer.  Find little ways to incorporate yellow (especially if yellow isn’t a color that enhances your personal coloring) to reap the benefits of this confident color.

woman in office in blue
While blue is often known to be a color that’s soothing and calming, it’s also been found to give wearers a great confidence boost.  Experts have discovered that blue tones bring greater stimulation to the way we think and really help with concentration.  The great thing about blue tones is you’re able to easily incorporate them into your wardrobe and what you’re wearing and blue looks great on so many different skin tones.  If you think of some of the brands that you find to represent confidence, they likely have blue somewhere in their branding!

woman in orange dress
Another color to boost confidence as found by experts.  Orange is a color that some experts suggest wearing when you have an important test or something you need to perform well on.  Orange is not only known to bring confidence to those that wear it, but it also aids in energy as well as increasing your ability to make decisions.  Let’s face it, when we have more energy and focus to make decisions, our confidence starts to rise.

woman in green dress having tea
The final suggest color to wear to boost confidence goes to green.  It’s said that green brings about more confidence to those that wear it because of its ability to give us the feeling that everything will be ok.  Green is also known to be a color that represents abundance and growth, which are also major factors that help us to feel more confident within ourselves.

If you’re looking for a little confidence boost, try wearing these colors and see how you feel!  Is there a color that helps you feel more confident?

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