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Contemporary Treatments for Acne

Acne… it’s a skin care struggle that everyone deals with at one point or another in their lives. Although we all know it’s something that everyone deals with, it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. Fortunately, since we live in a world that’s become so advanced in the skin care world it seems that there are more and more treatments for skin care concerns–and they’re becoming much more effective in the process. Pretty exciting, right? We realize that you may not be totally familiar with the contemporary treatments for acne, so we thought we would share some of the new treatments that are being used to treat this common skin care concern.

Kleresca Treatment
This is a brand-new acne treatment that’s being used pretty regularly in places like Australia and they’re finding amazing results. This particular acne treatment is done using a blue light treatment that utilizes two wavelengths to help target the different types of acne many people struggle with. The treatment starts with the application of a gel product that helps to really kill the bacteria in the skin when activated with the blue light treatment. Based on the research and information we’ve seen about this contemporary treatment for acne it appears that it’s something that you get the best results from when you go through a series of treatments with the blue light.

Cleaning Up Your Diet
Another major contemporary treatment for acne has been the rise in cleaning up your diet. In the past couple of years, experts continue to lean towards how important of a role our diet plays in our skin’s health, particularly with acne. Many experts have found that when we consume too much sugar and processed foods our skin tends to be effected and we develop acne. There’s been a major emphasis on really looking to our internal health and diet to treat acne and many of the results have been pretty incredible. More and more experts are finding that healing and treating acne from the inside out is effective and gives lasting results.

Probiotic foods

Using Probiotics
Similar to cleaning up your diet, there’s been a major trend with using probiotics to help with acne treatment. As we mentioned, many experts have found that treating acne from the inside out is really effective–and that also means the use of probiotics to help with the treatment. Many experts in the industry have found that there’s a major relationship between our gut health and acne in our skin. When we have an unhealthy and irregular gut, it’s been found to cause inflammation in the skin and body to occur. Acne is a form of inflammation in the body. See the relationship? Experts have discovered that incorporating probiotic supplements and eating more foods that are high in probiotics is incredibly helpful to eliminate the bad bacteria from the gut, add in some good bacteria and help to ease the inflammation in the body. In other words, there’s a lot of focus on healing acne from the inside with these contemporary methods.

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